The man that truly loves you and you truly deserve…


We have a tendency, as women, to settle for less than we deserve out of fear to be alone, out of pressure of society, out of weakness, out of insecurity, out of commodity, and so on. Some people say it is not ok to ask for too much. Well, let me tell you what it is ok: asking for true sincere pure love, because every one of us deserves to feel that. And you deserve a man that truly loves you, wholeheartedly…

He is the man who doesn’t make an effort to love you. He is the one for whom your happiness is his reason of being. He is the one you do not have to worry about losing. The one who makes you hurry back home. The one who cannot wait to wake up in the morning to look at you while you sleep. The one for whom you want to wake up to in the morning to meet his loving eyes. The one next to whom any place on earth is a piece of paradise. The one who knows who you are and how you are. The one who understands the sadness behind your smile, the weakness behind your displayed strength, the anger behind your words and the happiness behind your tears. The one to whom you do not have to explain yourself or justify your actions, because he just knows… The one who makes you laugh out loud and cry out of happiness. The one who cannot miss from your thoughts at any moment. The one who looks at you with admiration and love, even after years of being together. The one who does not let you feel alone, even when he is thousands of miles away. The one who puts you first, but for whom you do the same thing. The one who does not claim feelings and rights, he just wants to be in your life and love you. The one who would follow you to the end of the world, just to be with you. The one who makes you feel the most beautiful and special woman in the world, even when you feel like crap. The one who does not lie to you, or cheat on you. The one who brings you peace just by hearing his voice. The one that knows what to say to calm you down. The one you make love to at night, but feel his touch for a long time after throughout the next day. The one who cannot go to bed knowing that you are upset. The one who makes your eyes sparkle. The one who can simply hug your worries away and in his arms you feel safe and sound. The one with whom although you shared difficult moments, you just remember the beautiful memories…

You deserve HIM! So do not settle for less!

Self-confidence is the new Black!

Do you ever wonder what Confidence really is? What is that type of confidence that is not cocky or superior, but the one that inspires others around you? That confidence that some people posses that you see them so comfortable in their skin and they have this charismatic hypnotizing energy?

I tried to understand the idea of real “confidence”, the one that does not hide frustrations or superficiality behind. I looked at many different people around, in different contexts and Bucharest was the right scene for this because apparently there are a lot of Confident Wannabes in this big city. I have seen cases of confidence coming from being rich and feeling like you own people, I have seen confidence coming from plastic surgery, I have seen confidence coming from finally getting that dreamed higher position at the job and patronizing others, I have seen confidence when people drink to speak up their honest mind finally or I have seen women apparently gaining confidence because they are not single anymore… Yes, I have seen many wrong cases of confidence…but there were not the real thing. Do you know why? Because they are dependable on external factors: money, doctors, other people, a position and so on. Real confidence comes from within, naturally depending on one’s individual thoughts, actions, beliefs no matter the outside world.


Actually, confidence really comes down to one incredibly simple thing: Owning it! 🙂 This means that you are completely at peace with who you are in every moment, any context and in front of any experience. You make no apologies for being straightforward, awkward, nervous, excited, loud, soft spoken and so on… you are simply YOU! You radiate a good vibe energy whether or not you have an extrovert personality because you are genuinely happy and satisfied with yourself and your life.

It is about smiling in life’s face no matter what, knowing what you want and not stepping on other people to get it because you are certain you have the strength to do things on your own, the right way. Being confident means being realistic, straightforward, considerate, feeling good in your own skin, embracing yourself together with your flaws and loving life. This is what CONFIDENCE really is or at least the version I want to possess, and it is damn energizing, beautiful, hot and sexy in both genders!

Montreux & Why I love Christmas?

I got to that age when I know the truth about Santa Clause, I know I can be naughty before Christmas because I will still get some gifts, I don’t go caroling from door-to-door anymore with my friends and I know that Christmas is more about the birth of Christ religiously than about an old nice man bringing gifts… Well, a lot has changed since I was an innocent kid and a true believer in everything out of the ordinary. BUT, I still see the magic in Christmas – that has not changed!

Even though, like any other celebration, people turned Christmas into a commercial celebration, when sales boom and stores are packed, there is something very special about this day leaving of course the religious aspect behind.

Don’t you feel a fuzzy feeling on Christmas day? As Grinch like as you may be just notice that you will have a moment of warmth that day…of unexplained relaxed or comfy or peaceful feeling at least when you heard some carols in the background that most often shift your mood immediately. Well, it is because on Christmas days a lot of good energies meet because most people convey more optimistic, jollier thoughts (this is backed my psychological studies by the way), children laugh and are happy, families, couples, old friends sit together and most often than not they have a good time all together.

All of these create frequencies of well-being and a good vibe around. So this is the Christmas magic in my view and this is why I love Christmas so much and I fall for everything related to it, even for the commercial aspects, such as the Christmas markets. These are places that create a boost of good vibe for all the human senses: beautiful decorations and lights to look at (vision), carols in the background (hearing), a smell of mulled wine, castagnas, pancakes or hot chocolate always fills up the air (smell), the delicious taste of all of these (taste) and the warm feeling you have going from cold to warm in the special tents, sipping from a mug of hot chocolate, mulled wine or tea (feeling).

I have been this past weekend to Montreux, a little town next to the Swiss Alps famous for its Christmas market. And, yes it was magical: the view (high peaked snowy mountains and the Geneva lake), the wine (which I am a big fan of) and also the rum tea (which was new to me), the market in general full of interesting hand made items, chocolate and sweet stands, candles, traditional Swiss Fondue, the lake lanterns and the Christmas atmosphere created by the carols and the panoramic wheel. Simply magical! So, if you need an energy good time boost, just go to a nice Christmas market in your proximity. Let go for a while of your realistic, down-to-earth ways and lose yourself to the magic! A little fuzzy feeling never hurt anyone! 🙂















Warm, stylish, comfortable – the oversized pullover

One of my favorite fashion items this season is the oversized pullover that I think is a must have. It is comfortable, warm and looks very stylish combined either with leggings, skinny jeans or even warm stockings (if it is long enough of course) and accessorized with flat boots or even high heeled boots for a sexier look. It is a very chameleonic fashion item that adapts to whatever style you want to adopt that day: casual comfy or casually sexy. Occasionally, an oversized necklace can go with it for an extra touch of femininity.

I have bought my first one from H&M this season from the Paris Autumn 2013 Collection and I am in love with it. It is the one below in the picture. 

Wearing my H&M oversized pullover at a Christmas market this weekend

Photo 23-11-13 17 16 42

Cat walk appearance of the H&M oversized pullover

I have bought a few more after this one from Zara, Max Mara and Topshop. However, this H&M one remains my personal favorite.

So, if you don’t own an oversized pullover yet, pay the stores or online stores a visit. It is a nice to have fashion item this season! 😉

My Isabel Marant pour H&M collectible


Tonight, I finally managed to take a picture, sit down and write about my luck in getting the right size of this Isabel Marant pour H&M limited edition tulip silver skirt.


As a fashion lover, I couldn’t wait for the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection to finally be out on the 14th of November in Lausanne. So early morning, on the 14th, a rainy Thursday morning, I ran to the store to get my preview entrance until 11am. Well, to my surprise… at 10:15 am everything in my size was already sold out! Yes, that fast, that early! I took a look at the collection – what was left of it anyways which was not much… and left disappointed. I only managed to grab to a kind promise of a shop assistant that in case they find on stock my size somewhere else in some articles I liked (one of it was this skirt of course), they would let me know. Yea, I tried :), and the shop assistants in Switzerland are genuinely nice and helpful, but I did not make any real hopes.



However, this weekend I passed by the store again… and there I was at the right moment… when a 34 size gorgeous Isabel Marant pour H&M silver tulip skirt was not bought after all by the person that wanted it initially, and there I was! Do you know how little kids make big eyes when they see candy and chocolate? Then you should have seen my big eyes and excitement when rushing towards the cash desk to make the skirt mine!

You may find it childish, I call it passion for owning something unique and special, but also gorgeous! I plan to wear this outfit probably with black stockings if its snows at the Christmas dinner. I think it is the perfect occasion to take this skirt out into the world for the first time :).


What being Vegan feels like :)

Many people have been asking me what made me turn Vegan and more over why I strive towards Raw Vegan actually. Then questions come like: “How can you live without meat, steak, prosciutto crudo, ribs and so on?”. Well, I can, and honestly I do not crave for them anymore. I did for a month at the beginning I think, but that was before feeling the way the Vegan lifestyle energized me and changed my body and looks also in the best way possible.

The truth is going Vegan was not a voluntary decision I took one day, but more like a way of being solidary with a dear person to me that was diagnosed with cancer. That is when I started reading about nutrients, healthy food and vitamins in general. I have to say I was kind of an ignorant before. I was always careful about what I ate because being fit was important to me, but I never considered the nutritious facts of what I ate.

The first thing my dear one had to do after starting the fight with cancer was to eliminate from her eating habits all that was regarded as unhealthy/processed food and everything that would feed the cancer cells – which meant meat, diary products, fried food, too salty or fat food. It was hard for her, so that is when I decided, in end March 2013, to do the same, follow her diet, so I could guide her better and be there  for her.

I must say that it was one of the best decisions of my life for my future health and body. One month after I started eating Vegan, towards Raw Vegan – eliminating processed or cooked food, my organism and body received a great energy boost. I eliminated meat from my diet, but I kept raw salmon and tuna. I also eliminated all cow diary products, and I started eating only soya milk  and goat diary: yoghurt or cheese as our organism is prepared to digest and assimilate nutrients better from goat while from the cow it lacks the enzyme necessary to process them. Now, I am in the process of transitioning to soya yoghurt and milk. And, I find it delicious :).

I eat as many salads, fruits, vegetables and seeds I can, and it keeps me full of life and energy. One other thing I noticed after I turned Raw Vegan, was that my blue/green eyes are even more intense in color, which is a clear indication of a healthier organism. And honestly, this is a perk I love a lot! 🙂

As I am a motivated person, I am strict about this lifestyle now, but as I am also a pleasure and life lover, I do offer myself small escapes, like Italian ice cream (my weakness), La Duree macarons or soya milk Starbuck’s coffee. I do not do it often though, as my main lifestyle has to be healthy and stretched towards Raw Vegan, but I think it is necessary for my mental health and enjoyment.

What I also realized with the Vegan diet, is that it gave me great energy to exercise, unlike what other people may believe. Because as long as you eat seeds (that have proteins) and also vegetables or bananas (especially in the morning) or the occasional raw salmon, you manage to get the exact necessary among of nutrients to keep you boosted for a gym workout also – believe me!

So, here I am, 8 months later of Vegan lifestyle and I have never felt better!

Below, I would like to share with you a regular day of my Vegan lifestyle in case you are curious:


I usually go for muesli (without any sugar added) and seeds with goat yoghurt or soya yoghurt and then a freshly squeezed fruit juice. I go for orange in winter for the vitamin C and for watermelon in summer as it hydrates me. Another option is eating two bananas and drinking half liter of water afterwards. The breakfast has to be very nutritious. Having a good breakfast does not mean eating a lot because that is what you think gives you energy all day. There are certain things we may eat at breakfast that drain us out of energy. A good breakfast actually means eating the RIGHT things for energy shot: vitamins and fibers. And they have value when they are as in a unprocessed state as possible.

Muesli with Soya yogurt and Raspberries

Fruits and Watermelon juice


Lunch is my main meal usually after the nutritious breakfast. I always go for salads without any dressing. I go wild on the vegetables I eat, including the ones with carbohydrates, changing them every day for variety. The no dressing aspect is very important – you can destroy a salad with what you think is a tasty dressing, making it more unhealthy than a McDonald’s burger. The only thing I add to salads is Aceto Balsamico that actually helps the organism assimilate better and faster the vitamins from the vegetables. I sometimes eat humus with a tabouleh salad, or go for vegetable fresh soups.

This is when sometimes I eat smoked salmon with avocado. I love it. Or have salmon or tuna in my salad. I tried to boost my diet here with proteins too, but I do not mix them with carbohydrates. It is either one or the other.

Pumpkin and Chestnut Soup


During the week, I usually eat fruits for dinner –  a lot of them! Or I snack some seeds after a workout at the gym. I also go for sushi, seaweed salad or a tabouleh salad. And I am not running away from proteins at this time at the day either, as I have an active lifestyle and I workout, so I need them, especially if they lacked at lunch.

Beloved Sushi

Another important aspect of this lifestyle is hydration. So drink as much WATER as possible – it purifies your organism. Try to drink at least half a liter in the morning when you wake up, and end up with at least 2L at the end of the day.

If you ever decide to go Raw Vegan, read about it first, do it gradually and try to have fun and enjoy doing it. You have to start knowing your body and watch out for the ingredients it does not like. Eliminate those first. Try to keep in your diet whatever you think was boosting your energy before. You cannot refuse the things you pleasure a lot (don’t overreact here-just choose a few), and leave room occasionally for small treats (not more often than once per week), focusing that on the daily basis you eat healthy. Your body and also mind will thank you later, but you will also feel different, kind of REBORN. 🙂

Adding life to the past through colors

I discovered yesterday this new artistic trend that has been born in the artistic communities which practically refers to coloring the historic photographs from the late 1800′s and early 1900′s.

Filling with color these photographs somewhat changes our emotional link to history, making it more real, closer to us and helping us connect and understand at the deeper level what the photographs convey in terms of fear, beauty, sadness, happiness, trouble and so on. It changes their appearance from something historic and different, into a scene from today.

The colorful image of Albert Einstein sitting beside the water gives us an entire new perspective on the genius. He goes from a brilliant historic relic, into a living brilliance of our era. The colorized photograph of Audrey Hepburn transforms our thoughts of beauty. It is amazing how adding color to these photographs, also adds more life and meaning to them.

Take a look below on some examples. I find them really powerful!




albert einstein in long island 1939













Inspiration to step up and live it up!

I found this inspiring video tonight and I really wanted to share it with you! It is called the Existential Bummer and it is a small insight on life.

The video has three minutes, and honestly it is really worthwhile watching! I am positive it will probably inspire you, or at least touch you, make you think deeper of how you actually handle your life, and convince you to go out there and start really living to the fullest! Give it a try 😉

About “time passing” – my vision of living

I tried to understand these days why “passing of time” is seen in such a fatalistic manner. Everybody freaks out in relation to time and you often hear “I don’t have time to do that…I wish I would have time…” and so on.


In principle, I managed to find two reasons for this kind of thinking: first reason could be one’s life is running out fast due to the hectic daily routine living, and it feels like one did not have time to do it all in his life, all he ever wanted to and planned to, so the frustration comes in; and the second reason, the actual sadly more recurrent one would be that one did not manage to do the things he/she was supposed to do in the desired time according to the “time rules” of its culture and society, according to the human invented structures (career, school, marriage, kids and so on) that put a ridiculous pressure on the person on a daily basis and have no connection with the actual real living, only feeding one’s mind and soul with frustration and an unconscious stress to fit in this timing, so that it could fit in the society. Here are some examples that you might find familiar: “Up to X years I must marry”, “Up to X years I must have a baby”, “After college I must go to Masters right away cause this is how it goes”, “It is too late to go to university anymore because I am X years old”, and so on. It’s a pity and sad how one can reduce life to a constant run after society’s timings, like passing milestones at each step and age, an existential rush that all it does is to cancel the feel of intense and real living. It’s like going towards the finish line, without enjoying the ride, so when you get there of course you end up with a bunch of regrets, frustrations and “what ifs”.

The reality is that life is wasted if lived in terms of “units of measurement” (time, money etc). It is treated superficially and reduced to something of low importance and routinized while it should give sensations and intensities to a person. Moreover, time is relative, and this is proven scientifically: It is fairly established that both fast movement and the presence of gravity makes time pass slower as compared to a system at rest/ free of gravity, where you waste time at a fast rate. The more intense you live your life, the more time you actually have in relation to the Universe – which is a pretty cool thing and should be seen as the answer to thinking we are running out of time. We are running out of time if we satisfy ourselves with the routine and stagnate from an actual living point of view. We gain time, if we live intensively and actively according to our inner sensations. Scientifically proven, believe me – just Google it :).


I like to think of life as an opportunity to gain and feel experiences at every pace involving new feelings, emotions, people, places, visions. It is a beautiful learning process about the world around us and inside of us. We can learn to ignore time as it is perceived by the society as a pressure, a constant deadline. We should live every experience to the fullest, whenever we feel like or want according to our inner pace of doing things, not according to society’s temporal patterns. You must truly believe that it’s never late to do anything you wanted to and it is never wrong to do things when you want to or feel like. You are after all the designer of your own living! Be bold and be creative about it! 🙂

La Gruyere – defying the average pittoresque mountain village

If you find yourself in the Geneva/ Lausanne area in Switzerland, do not miss out La Gruyere – a village famous for its cheese and chocolate.


To my surprise, in this peaceful quiet picturesque place, I also managed to find a piece of Hollywood in the original sketches for the Oscar awarded movie “Alien”, together with the museum of a visionary artist, H.R. Giger, famous for its creative…but somehow twisted mind – and I am a rebel soul saying this.

So here is the surprising experience Gruyere offered me:

1. Traditional cheese and food – delicious as expected. I tried the famous Raclet which practically refers to grilled cheese, potatoes and pickles prepared in a traditional way.
2. A wonderful scenery – also expected. The mountain scenery is overwhelming and to some extent peaceful to look at.



3. A coquette village with small traditional houses and little cafes and restaurants each offering a different amazing view of the surroundings.
2013-11-05 14 17 43

4. A castle with a great legend and high tech effects to present its history – a pleasant surprise, but I should have known as it is not a secret the Swiss state can afford to invest in such technology 🙂



5. The museum and “Alien” themed cafe of H.R. Giger – the person who envisioned the special effects from the “Alien” movie and who created all of its characters.


Let’s put it frankly: it was not just aliens he envisioned, but also women in general and sexual fantasies – to the extreme I may add. And there it was…in the quiet mountains and innocent scenery of La Gruyere, I found…let’s be honest the most extreme fantasies of an artist…with a twisted mind. Ironical, I dare say!

So, whoever is interested out there and looks for a “somewhat” different village experience in the Alps, I wholeheartedly recommend Gruyere as a worth your time to experience and visit place!