About a whimsical spirit…


I am a dreamer, a fool, a perfectionist, a fashion lover, a lively spirit, a trouble maker some called me, but it all comes down to the fact that I love life, people, the feelings I am given to feel, and I adore constantly discovering the world and myself.

I am a Romanian, with an international touch and a too optimistic mind some may say. I see the good and the positive in whatever life sets in front of me, because I believe strongly that every situation, in a way, makes one feel they are alive, teaches them, shapes them, strengthens them and makes one realize they actually live, not just exist.

I left my quiet little home town in Transylvania, north of Romania, at 19… and it’s been a long way since, an exciting ride, a pleasant  madness in which I lived to the fullest the big city life, met a lot of interesting people from which I learned a lot or which became friends close to my heart, discovered new places and experiences, fell in love, and found my passion for art and fashion.

Every city I lived in taught me something about myself, and shaped who I am today. I am grateful for Budapest teaching me the love for architecture and culture, I love Milan for the fashion sense, style and courage it gave me, Los Angeles for teaching me about living life to the fullest and always staying positive no matter how many lemons life gives one, and I am grateful for Bucharest showing me how real friendship and love feel like, and for the most amazing nightlife memories challenging my liveliness and energy all the way.

Here I stand today, a bit melancholic I have to admit, but excited nonetheless, in front of another adventure, for one year, moving from the madness that Bucharest offered me to Lausanne, a quiet picturesque town, by the lake, close to the Alps, that will surely leave its footprint on my life and personality.

I was asked many times to start writing again, as I used to when I was in high school. Well, this is it, this blog, comprising of all my thoughts and experiences for one year ahead.

I will talk here about culture, art, new places I see, food I discover and last, but not least, fashion, my love.

So here goes, from the uptown big city life sparkle spirit to the world, I hope you will enjoy…


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