La Gruyere – defying the average pittoresque mountain village

If you find yourself in the Geneva/ Lausanne area in Switzerland, do not miss out La Gruyere – a village famous for its cheese and chocolate.


To my surprise, in this peaceful quiet picturesque place, I also managed to find a piece of Hollywood in the original sketches for the Oscar awarded movie “Alien”, together with the museum of a visionary artist, H.R. Giger, famous for its creative…but somehow twisted mind – and I am a rebel soul saying this.

So here is the surprising experience Gruyere offered me:

1. Traditional cheese and food – delicious as expected. I tried the famous Raclet which practically refers to grilled cheese, potatoes and pickles prepared in a traditional way.
2. A wonderful scenery – also expected. The mountain scenery is overwhelming and to some extent peaceful to look at.



3. A coquette village with small traditional houses and little cafes and restaurants each offering a different amazing view of the surroundings.
2013-11-05 14 17 43

4. A castle with a great legend and high tech effects to present its history – a pleasant surprise, but I should have known as it is not a secret the Swiss state can afford to invest in such technology 🙂



5. The museum and “Alien” themed cafe of H.R. Giger – the person who envisioned the special effects from the “Alien” movie and who created all of its characters.


Let’s put it frankly: it was not just aliens he envisioned, but also women in general and sexual fantasies – to the extreme I may add. And there it was…in the quiet mountains and innocent scenery of La Gruyere, I found…let’s be honest the most extreme fantasies of an artist…with a twisted mind. Ironical, I dare say!

So, whoever is interested out there and looks for a “somewhat” different village experience in the Alps, I wholeheartedly recommend Gruyere as a worth your time to experience and visit place!


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