“Live like there’s no tomorrow” – The cliche I like to follow


Find that something that you love and let it drain you out of energy and life… This is the thought I woke up to today.

And what I love the most is living life to the fullest and with crazy intensity. I love taking my liveliness to extremes, challenging the energy, the emotions or the sensations my heart, body and soul can feel.

Living, loving, laughing, travelling, working without passion means sailing on plain water or eating chocolate and not feeling its taste. I do not get their purpose…

The deep feelings we can have, the adrenaline, the pain we sometimes feel, the happiness the smallest and simplest things should give us, the risks we take and living on the edge are what gives one the greatest satisfaction because they make one’s heart pop for real!


I realized this year that even when your heart breaks, that pain you feel… That’s life, truly living. The confusion and fear? That’s there to remind you, that you are alive, you are human, and if you channel it right, it gives strength and hope to believe that somewhere out there is something better, and that something is worth fighting for because it will make you tick again, feel alive, give you a new sensation that you have probably not experienced before.

Life should be lived with intensity, every day, like there is no tomorrow as really there is actually no tomorrow for the exact moment you are in right now, you will never live it again, it’s unique. In my vocabulary, there is no such thing as monotony or routine only if you think it is and place it there intentionally with your mind. Every moment, every second of your life is unique, so try to see, feel and  make the most of it. I could not picture my life otherwise! And mine has been a hell of a rollercoaster in terms of happenings, emotions, feelings, people, luck, and honestly I could not have had it any other way! 🙂




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