My Isabel Marant pour H&M collectible


Tonight, I finally managed to take a picture, sit down and write about my luck in getting the right size of this Isabel Marant pour H&M limited edition tulip silver skirt.


As a fashion lover, I couldn’t wait for the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection to finally be out on the 14th of November in Lausanne. So early morning, on the 14th, a rainy Thursday morning, I ran to the store to get my preview entrance until 11am. Well, to my surprise… at 10:15 am everything in my size was already sold out! Yes, that fast, that early! I took a look at the collection – what was left of it anyways which was not much… and left disappointed. I only managed to grab to a kind promise of a shop assistant that in case they find on stock my size somewhere else in some articles I liked (one of it was this skirt of course), they would let me know. Yea, I tried :), and the shop assistants in Switzerland are genuinely nice and helpful, but I did not make any real hopes.



However, this weekend I passed by the store again… and there I was at the right moment… when a 34 size gorgeous Isabel Marant pour H&M silver tulip skirt was not bought after all by the person that wanted it initially, and there I was! Do you know how little kids make big eyes when they see candy and chocolate? Then you should have seen my big eyes and excitement when rushing towards the cash desk to make the skirt mine!

You may find it childish, I call it passion for owning something unique and special, but also gorgeous! I plan to wear this outfit probably with black stockings if its snows at the Christmas dinner. I think it is the perfect occasion to take this skirt out into the world for the first time :).



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