Warm, stylish, comfortable – the oversized pullover

One of my favorite fashion items this season is the oversized pullover that I think is a must have. It is comfortable, warm and looks very stylish combined either with leggings, skinny jeans or even warm stockings (if it is long enough of course) and accessorized with flat boots or even high heeled boots for a sexier look. It is a very chameleonic fashion item that adapts to whatever style you want to adopt that day: casual comfy or casually sexy. Occasionally, an oversized necklace can go with it for an extra touch of femininity.

I have bought my first one from H&M this season from the Paris Autumn 2013 Collection and I am in love with it. It is the one below in the picture. 

Wearing my H&M oversized pullover at a Christmas market this weekend

Photo 23-11-13 17 16 42

Cat walk appearance of the H&M oversized pullover

I have bought a few more after this one from Zara, Max Mara and Topshop. However, this H&M one remains my personal favorite.

So, if you don’t own an oversized pullover yet, pay the stores or online stores a visit. It is a nice to have fashion item this season! 😉


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