Montreux & Why I love Christmas?

I got to that age when I know the truth about Santa Clause, I know I can be naughty before Christmas because I will still get some gifts, I don’t go caroling from door-to-door anymore with my friends and I know that Christmas is more about the birth of Christ religiously than about an old nice man bringing gifts… Well, a lot has changed since I was an innocent kid and a true believer in everything out of the ordinary. BUT, I still see the magic in Christmas – that has not changed!

Even though, like any other celebration, people turned Christmas into a commercial celebration, when sales boom and stores are packed, there is something very special about this day leaving of course the religious aspect behind.

Don’t you feel a fuzzy feeling on Christmas day? As Grinch like as you may be just notice that you will have a moment of warmth that day…of unexplained relaxed or comfy or peaceful feeling at least when you heard some carols in the background that most often shift your mood immediately. Well, it is because on Christmas days a lot of good energies meet because most people convey more optimistic, jollier thoughts (this is backed my psychological studies by the way), children laugh and are happy, families, couples, old friends sit together and most often than not they have a good time all together.

All of these create frequencies of well-being and a good vibe around. So this is the Christmas magic in my view and this is why I love Christmas so much and I fall for everything related to it, even for the commercial aspects, such as the Christmas markets. These are places that create a boost of good vibe for all the human senses: beautiful decorations and lights to look at (vision), carols in the background (hearing), a smell of mulled wine, castagnas, pancakes or hot chocolate always fills up the air (smell), the delicious taste of all of these (taste) and the warm feeling you have going from cold to warm in the special tents, sipping from a mug of hot chocolate, mulled wine or tea (feeling).

I have been this past weekend to Montreux, a little town next to the Swiss Alps famous for its Christmas market. And, yes it was magical: the view (high peaked snowy mountains and the Geneva lake), the wine (which I am a big fan of) and also the rum tea (which was new to me), the market in general full of interesting hand made items, chocolate and sweet stands, candles, traditional Swiss Fondue, the lake lanterns and the Christmas atmosphere created by the carols and the panoramic wheel. Simply magical! So, if you need an energy good time boost, just go to a nice Christmas market in your proximity. Let go for a while of your realistic, down-to-earth ways and lose yourself to the magic! A little fuzzy feeling never hurt anyone! 🙂
















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