Self-confidence is the new Black!

Do you ever wonder what Confidence really is? What is that type of confidence that is not cocky or superior, but the one that inspires others around you? That confidence that some people posses that you see them so comfortable in their skin and they have this charismatic hypnotizing energy?

I tried to understand the idea of real “confidence”, the one that does not hide frustrations or superficiality behind. I looked at many different people around, in different contexts and Bucharest was the right scene for this because apparently there are a lot of Confident Wannabes in this big city. I have seen cases of confidence coming from being rich and feeling like you own people, I have seen confidence coming from plastic surgery, I have seen confidence coming from finally getting that dreamed higher position at the job and patronizing others, I have seen confidence when people drink to speak up their honest mind finally or I have seen women apparently gaining confidence because they are not single anymore… Yes, I have seen many wrong cases of confidence…but there were not the real thing. Do you know why? Because they are dependable on external factors: money, doctors, other people, a position and so on. Real confidence comes from within, naturally depending on one’s individual thoughts, actions, beliefs no matter the outside world.


Actually, confidence really comes down to one incredibly simple thing: Owning it! 🙂 This means that you are completely at peace with who you are in every moment, any context and in front of any experience. You make no apologies for being straightforward, awkward, nervous, excited, loud, soft spoken and so on… you are simply YOU! You radiate a good vibe energy whether or not you have an extrovert personality because you are genuinely happy and satisfied with yourself and your life.

It is about smiling in life’s face no matter what, knowing what you want and not stepping on other people to get it because you are certain you have the strength to do things on your own, the right way. Being confident means being realistic, straightforward, considerate, feeling good in your own skin, embracing yourself together with your flaws and loving life. This is what CONFIDENCE really is or at least the version I want to possess, and it is damn energizing, beautiful, hot and sexy in both genders!


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