The man that truly loves you and you truly deserve…


We have a tendency, as women, to settle for less than we deserve out of fear to be alone, out of pressure of society, out of weakness, out of insecurity, out of commodity, and so on. Some people say it is not ok to ask for too much. Well, let me tell you what it is ok: asking for true sincere pure love, because every one of us deserves to feel that. And you deserve a man that truly loves you, wholeheartedly…

He is the man who doesn’t make an effort to love you. He is the one for whom your happiness is his reason of being. He is the one you do not have to worry about losing. The one who makes you hurry back home. The one who cannot wait to wake up in the morning to look at you while you sleep. The one for whom you want to wake up to in the morning to meet his loving eyes. The one next to whom any place on earth is a piece of paradise. The one who knows who you are and how you are. The one who understands the sadness behind your smile, the weakness behind your displayed strength, the anger behind your words and the happiness behind your tears. The one to whom you do not have to explain yourself or justify your actions, because he just knows… The one who makes you laugh out loud and cry out of happiness. The one who cannot miss from your thoughts at any moment. The one who looks at you with admiration and love, even after years of being together. The one who does not let you feel alone, even when he is thousands of miles away. The one who puts you first, but for whom you do the same thing. The one who does not claim feelings and rights, he just wants to be in your life and love you. The one who would follow you to the end of the world, just to be with you. The one who makes you feel the most beautiful and special woman in the world, even when you feel like crap. The one who does not lie to you, or cheat on you. The one who brings you peace just by hearing his voice. The one that knows what to say to calm you down. The one you make love to at night, but feel his touch for a long time after throughout the next day. The one who cannot go to bed knowing that you are upset. The one who makes your eyes sparkle. The one who can simply hug your worries away and in his arms you feel safe and sound. The one with whom although you shared difficult moments, you just remember the beautiful memories…

You deserve HIM! So do not settle for less!

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