Juices vs. Smoothies


Juicing vs. Smoothies? Smoothies and juicing have been the hype lately with all these new blenders and juicers being manufactured. While both can be healthy and boost your fruit and vegetable intake, and are great for getting a variety of nutrients into your diet, one is the better choice.

That’s SMOOTHIES. Why? Juicing leaves behind a pulp – which contains fiber and nutrients that you end up tossing away, thus you lose most of the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables. Blending produce into a smoothie, however, preserves fiber and a smoothie can deliver an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals because it often includes fruit skins and pith. If your smoothie includes yogurt or kefir, you get some calcium too. If your smoothie includes nuts and/or seeds, you get even more vitamins and minerals. If your smoothie includes supplements and super foods, the sky is the limit. Blending, however, introduces oxygen and sometimes heat, which will knock out a little vitamin C and some B vitamins. But no big deal really, as most of us get plenty of Vitamin C and produce isn’t a top source of the most sensitive B vitamins.

Either way, enjoy your fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and even nut butters in a homemade smoothie or juice. Start your mornings with a natural energy boost by juicing and/or blending a nutritious smoothie. For smoothies, I suggest buying a blender. 🙂

But… smoothie-lovers and juicer-lovers beware, though. Smoothies and juicing can easily turn into high-calorie, sugar-delivery devices if they include sweetened yogurt, sweetened juice, sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream (that’s called a milkshake!!!) and, sadly, many made-to-order and bottled smoothies and juices include these ingredients. That’s why it’s important to make and blend your own nutritious smoothie and juice your own juices at home with organic fruits and vegetables, raw super foods and natural wholesome ingredients.

Below are some nutritious smoothie and juicing recipes… 


Take a chance on your heart…and on HIM!


Girls, I understand your icy cold heart. I truly do! We’ve all been hurt before, and then just shut down for protection, feel nothing and just enjoy single hood while maybe hurting others ourselves (collateral damages nonetheless we tell ourselves).


If “HE” was trying to show you something different, would you be open minded enough to see it?

If he told you the only thing he was trying to do was make you happy, would you believe a man like that existed?

Does the way you see your past put limitations on the quality of men you meet?

Are you secure and strong enough to trust a man confidently until he gives you a reason not to?

Would a man be able to get a fair chance with you, or is the thought of a man with genuine intentions that farfetched?

Could a good man of worth get to know you and enjoy time with you without feeling like you were examining and dissecting his every move?

Could a consistent genuine man be human enough to make a mistake, without you judging him for it, comparing him to your past?

TAKE A CHANCE WITH HIM!!! When you make them put in work, the boys will fade and the gentlemen will remain.

If you must, judge a man only by these 5 things: 1. His heart. 2. His values/priorities. 3. His goals. 4. His actions. 5. His words.

Never judge a man based on your past or previous experiences. No new relationship you enter will ever have a chance if you’re still upset and hurt from your previous relationship. Heal from your previous heartbreaks before you love again. Defrost your cold heart, vanish your bitterness and fade away your pessimistic attitude. Allow him to know and learn you. Don’t expect him to know your needs, desires and demands without communication. And don’t expect him to understand your experiences, past and current mindset without communication.

Remember that the “one” won’t come with a sign saying “I’m the perfect person for you”, he will come with some nervousness, a little uncertainty and a lot of hope.  :)

How I am preventing breast cancer with the right diet, exercise and love for myself…


It is a true story, my story, and I decided to share it after a talk I had with a very good friend of mine. I think that it might encourage others to believe and do something about preventing cancer and maybe give hope to those that already suffer from this condition or have symptoms and are scared of what may follow.

It all started in end March 2013 when one dear family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. It raised a red flag for me that one day you can be super healthy and the next wake up and start a fight for your life. So, to help her and stand by her, I decided to go vegan, eventually getting raw vegan. And yes, I have written about this before, that it made me more energetic, more fresh and it has been a decision that helped my body in many ways.

What I did not know then, is that the vegan healthy lifestyle would also solve another problem I had and I was scared to investigate. For at least 3 years, I had this lump in my breast, but I never wanted to think it was serious. It got bigger in time and even my boyfriend made me promise I would check it out. I did not want to, because I just did not want to think of it. Then came this news, with my dear someone…and still I was scared to go and check it out. I think I thought it would just go away…even though by its size it was a bit unrealistic it would.

Someone told me that developing cancer is also strongly connected besides a high level of stress, to not loving your body enough, so in addition to going vegan in March, I decided to love myself more. I have always been a perfectionist, so I was always very critical of myself, my body. Thus, I learned to loosen up a bit, embrace who I am, love every part of my body and feel proud of it and this included my breasts. I started loving my flaws and changed my perspective as seeing them making me unique and who I am. I never saw my breasts as flaws, but I remember that I was ashamed of them in school when they started growing and I hid them for a while, then I always wanted they would be perfect – you know like you see in magazines the women with implants, but I failed to see their beauty as in the fact that they were natural no matter how many boyfriends told me that :). A first step to change this was to look in the mirror when I woke up and realize I am beautiful with some flaws that made me special, my body is beautiful and this is a wonderful day to be healthy and alive, so I should cherish it. So, here I stand today, with a different view about myself, loving and accepting myself more exactly how I am, loving my flaws (but I call them now characteristics:)), on a healthy vegan diet, and exercising at least 3 times per week to freshen up my brain into thinking in the right direction.

And I tell you all these because after 8 months…I recently noticed that my big lump in my breast vanished away… I was amazed and I realized that all those things that people preach about alternative treatments to cancer, the right mind set getting you through this condition are true, and not just motivational speeches.

It is encouraging at least to know that we can prevent our body from getting sick through loving it and that means offering it the right nutrients and also love for ourselves.

I really believe we have the power to change anything if we really want to and we have all we need in our willpower and nature around. I wish more people would take their diet, importance of exercising and thoughts about themselves more seriously. I think this would make a better world for all of us, a healthier one and a happier one for that matter.

So EAT RIGHT, your body deserves it! EXERCISE, it boosts up your mood! LOVE YOURSELF, you are beautiful!

Do SoulMates Exist? Sounds outdated even to ask – let’s redefine this!

Honestly, I do not know. I usually do not stress over this subject, I prefer to let go and just feel, but today it just crossed my mind. I guess I was thinking how interesting it is that in one year people that meant the world to you become complete strangers to you emotionally and people that were strangers to you back then became the world to you now…and the shift of feelings is total, honest and deep… So taking this into consideration… How does one recognize the perfect match, the soul mate, that person that completes oneself totally. Does that even exist? Are they more true loves, or soul mates for that matter?

Many of us are searching for “the one,” wondering if we’ve found them, if we ever will, and how we would know if we did. It is an awful lot of pressure, finding that one perfect match.

I guess the best thing would be to move from the idea of just Soulmates to something that makes more sense nowadays: Lifemates. Instead of just one person to move you, to shape your thoughts and your heart, there could be many. One may come into your life, even if for the most painful of moments, to bear witness to your life, to teach you a lesson or a number of things, to prepare you for the next step, to make you appreciate someone valuable later, or to help you recognize sincere deep love later on. It could be love, but it could also be loss and forgiveness. Forgiveness is very important in shifting you to the next level, and helping you to just take the lesson from the past, but leave the rest there. The idea of letting go is based on teaching yourself to feel nothing – no regret, no hatred, simply plain nothing! And believe me, it is all about training your mind to think into this direction…and then yes…the theory with the so-called beloved one becoming a stranger makes sense.

However, we should forgive, but not forget and this is not in the painful, resentful way. It is about taking the experience with you, accepting it, appropriate it and learn from it.

More, this builds up to support to the idea of lifemates which I believe is one of the most profound concepts in love and relationships.

Why? Well, I remember an unpleasant heartache a while ago spurred by what in my mind…and reality checked in later, was a betrayal. I felt so much anger, pain, I felt invaluable and that there could be no good men to ever trust left in the world. At those times of intense pain, such a broad and generalized statement hardly seemed silly or dramatic at all. That was until I met someone who was truly remarkable. He was one of the good guys. Smart, hot, funny, and most of all, loving and kind. He was one of those whose soul you just knew was genuine. He allowed me to believe in the goodness of men and love again.

He came into my life at a time when I was very numb, icy, unforgiving with the male race around due to training my mind to let go, and surprisingly brought some much needed warmth and laughter to my life. Then I understood, that the belief of lifemates made sense and it was actually liberating. My not so pleasant experience with my ex made me stronger, but also purified my mind and heart of a long past relationship in order to let myself be loved differently, how I wanted to. Yes, it involved pain…but pain makes you feel alive and purifies. As for the new entrant in my life, his role was to calm my spirit and give back to me the belief in people and genuine feelings. He taught me about full compatibility with someone, building a strong connection and TRUST. So, in fact, he is healing my past pain, while showing me a new perspective. I never asked, but I am sure I am having my own role in his life…and this is what escalates to the concept of Lifemates – people that come into your life for a reason, to elevate your spirit, to give you a lesson, to leave a mark. We should let all people that come into our lives to inspire us. No one ever comes into our life without a reason.


It is true though, it is a challenge to think this way. Typically in various relationships there is dating, a breakup, maybe even a rebound. There is crying, anger, sadness, shock, any number of emotions related to the experience of loss and grief. But I believe we live in times where we need to have a new way of looking at things…it will help us move from the stressful concept of The One.

What if we let go of the notion that he was our one and only? Instead we may embrace the fact that he may have just been one of the many sages to light our path in the journey of life. Appreciate his past presence, take the lesson, leave any kind of emotional attachment behind and move to the next life experience, with trust and love for our life and selves. Moving from the idea of soulmates to lifemates ultimately brings us more hope and less pain. We need not to cling desperately to one person, living in fear of loss or rejection. We need not even to worry that we missed him entirely, that we ignored a “sign,” or lost our chance. In opening our hearts as widely as we can, we can only allow in more love and compassion, for little is the possibility that in caring we ever truly lose out.

The Innovation of…Loneliness

This 5 minute video is a great metaphor for what truly happened to our world and generation given the possibility of having this virtual identities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on…where we control what people should know about us, how we want them to see us, we focus attention to only the moments we want to in our lifes that probably create the WOW effect and the frenzy for “likes”, we seem couragous and daring when in real life we are not…and so on…

Ironical I am writing this…on a blog…virtually, but I believe this video tells the naked truth and it may be an eye opener. If not, at least a good metaphor for the new kind of loneliness many are experimenting!