How I am preventing breast cancer with the right diet, exercise and love for myself…


It is a true story, my story, and I decided to share it after a talk I had with a very good friend of mine. I think that it might encourage others to believe and do something about preventing cancer and maybe give hope to those that already suffer from this condition or have symptoms and are scared of what may follow.

It all started in end March 2013 when one dear family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. It raised a red flag for me that one day you can be super healthy and the next wake up and start a fight for your life. So, to help her and stand by her, I decided to go vegan, eventually getting raw vegan. And yes, I have written about this before, that it made me more energetic, more fresh and it has been a decision that helped my body in many ways.

What I did not know then, is that the vegan healthy lifestyle would also solve another problem I had and I was scared to investigate. For at least 3 years, I had this lump in my breast, but I never wanted to think it was serious. It got bigger in time and even my boyfriend made me promise I would check it out. I did not want to, because I just did not want to think of it. Then came this news, with my dear someone…and still I was scared to go and check it out. I think I thought it would just go away…even though by its size it was a bit unrealistic it would.

Someone told me that developing cancer is also strongly connected besides a high level of stress, to not loving your body enough, so in addition to going vegan in March, I decided to love myself more. I have always been a perfectionist, so I was always very critical of myself, my body. Thus, I learned to loosen up a bit, embrace who I am, love every part of my body and feel proud of it and this included my breasts. I started loving my flaws and changed my perspective as seeing them making me unique and who I am. I never saw my breasts as flaws, but I remember that I was ashamed of them in school when they started growing and I hid them for a while, then I always wanted they would be perfect – you know like you see in magazines the women with implants, but I failed to see their beauty as in the fact that they were natural no matter how many boyfriends told me that :). A first step to change this was to look in the mirror when I woke up and realize I am beautiful with some flaws that made me special, my body is beautiful and this is a wonderful day to be healthy and alive, so I should cherish it. So, here I stand today, with a different view about myself, loving and accepting myself more exactly how I am, loving my flaws (but I call them now characteristics:)), on a healthy vegan diet, and exercising at least 3 times per week to freshen up my brain into thinking in the right direction.

And I tell you all these because after 8 months…I recently noticed that my big lump in my breast vanished away… I was amazed and I realized that all those things that people preach about alternative treatments to cancer, the right mind set getting you through this condition are true, and not just motivational speeches.

It is encouraging at least to know that we can prevent our body from getting sick through loving it and that means offering it the right nutrients and also love for ourselves.

I really believe we have the power to change anything if we really want to and we have all we need in our willpower and nature around. I wish more people would take their diet, importance of exercising and thoughts about themselves more seriously. I think this would make a better world for all of us, a healthier one and a happier one for that matter.

So EAT RIGHT, your body deserves it! EXERCISE, it boosts up your mood! LOVE YOURSELF, you are beautiful!

One thought on “How I am preventing breast cancer with the right diet, exercise and love for myself…

  1. Dearest Ruxi, of course it makes all the difference if you love yourself for what you are, flaws and all. I am sorry that it needed such an experience to make you feel this is the way… I admire you for the strength of changing your diet so drastically and I am sure it is very helpful, if only more people could integrate even a small portion of it in our daily rush!
    Don’t be afraid to investigate any change you feel, it does not mean it must always be something dangerous! Take care! :*

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