Take a chance on your heart…and on HIM!


Girls, I understand your icy cold heart. I truly do! We’ve all been hurt before, and then just shut down for protection, feel nothing and just enjoy single hood while maybe hurting others ourselves (collateral damages nonetheless we tell ourselves).


If “HE” was trying to show you something different, would you be open minded enough to see it?

If he told you the only thing he was trying to do was make you happy, would you believe a man like that existed?

Does the way you see your past put limitations on the quality of men you meet?

Are you secure and strong enough to trust a man confidently until he gives you a reason not to?

Would a man be able to get a fair chance with you, or is the thought of a man with genuine intentions that farfetched?

Could a good man of worth get to know you and enjoy time with you without feeling like you were examining and dissecting his every move?

Could a consistent genuine man be human enough to make a mistake, without you judging him for it, comparing him to your past?

TAKE A CHANCE WITH HIM!!! When you make them put in work, the boys will fade and the gentlemen will remain.

If you must, judge a man only by these 5 things: 1. His heart. 2. His values/priorities. 3. His goals. 4. His actions. 5. His words.

Never judge a man based on your past or previous experiences. No new relationship you enter will ever have a chance if you’re still upset and hurt from your previous relationship. Heal from your previous heartbreaks before you love again. Defrost your cold heart, vanish your bitterness and fade away your pessimistic attitude. Allow him to know and learn you. Don’t expect him to know your needs, desires and demands without communication. And don’t expect him to understand your experiences, past and current mindset without communication.

Remember that the “one” won’t come with a sign saying “I’m the perfect person for you”, he will come with some nervousness, a little uncertainty and a lot of hope.  :)

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