Juices vs. Smoothies


Juicing vs. Smoothies? Smoothies and juicing have been the hype lately with all these new blenders and juicers being manufactured. While both can be healthy and boost your fruit and vegetable intake, and are great for getting a variety of nutrients into your diet, one is the better choice.

That’s SMOOTHIES. Why? Juicing leaves behind a pulp – which contains fiber and nutrients that you end up tossing away, thus you lose most of the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables. Blending produce into a smoothie, however, preserves fiber and a smoothie can deliver an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals because it often includes fruit skins and pith. If your smoothie includes yogurt or kefir, you get some calcium too. If your smoothie includes nuts and/or seeds, you get even more vitamins and minerals. If your smoothie includes supplements and super foods, the sky is the limit. Blending, however, introduces oxygen and sometimes heat, which will knock out a little vitamin C and some B vitamins. But no big deal really, as most of us get plenty of Vitamin C and produce isn’t a top source of the most sensitive B vitamins.

Either way, enjoy your fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and even nut butters in a homemade smoothie or juice. Start your mornings with a natural energy boost by juicing and/or blending a nutritious smoothie. For smoothies, I suggest buying a blender. 🙂

But… smoothie-lovers and juicer-lovers beware, though. Smoothies and juicing can easily turn into high-calorie, sugar-delivery devices if they include sweetened yogurt, sweetened juice, sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream (that’s called a milkshake!!!) and, sadly, many made-to-order and bottled smoothies and juices include these ingredients. That’s why it’s important to make and blend your own nutritious smoothie and juice your own juices at home with organic fruits and vegetables, raw super foods and natural wholesome ingredients.

Below are some nutritious smoothie and juicing recipes… 


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