Communication, effort & understanding


In order for a relationship or any bond to work successfully it needs communication, effort, and understanding. You have to know how to meet somebody half way and compromise. My way or the highway is the lonely way.

Don’t ever get so comfortable that you start allowing what’s convenient to replace putting forth effort. Taking the “when it happens, it happens” approach can really disappoint you when “it” never happens how you wanted it too. If your heart wants a successful love in the future then you have to leave your pride in the past. Don’t cheat the progress of your relationships now based on what failed before. Don’t get so hung up on what failed in previous situations that you can’t see what’s working in your current situation.

If you want somebody’s time, love, or attention you’re going to be required to earn it and prove that you deserve to keep it. Different doesn’t always mean better, but if you never try something new, you’ll always have the same old complaints.

COMMUNICATE when you have problems and put effort forth to solving them.

UNDERSTAND that everybody shows the way they care in their own unique way.

ACCEPT that what you’re used to may be different from what they know how to do.

Everybody communicates and responds to problems differently, so don’t automatically assume you’re on or off the same page. Talk things out and deal with the situation at hand. And you shouldn’t have to bring up the past to prove a point – this is for example one part I am bad at, but trying to control! People will make mistakes and they will make bad decisions. You just have to decide what you can and cannot deal with.

If you don’t want to communicate, then you’ll welcome assumptions. If you don’t put in effort, then you’ll welcome distractions. If you’re not understanding, then you’ll welcome unnecessary frustrations.

Focus on what’s important, solve problems when they’re relevant, don’t dwell, and move on with love without holding back. 🙂

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