The Fendi Bag Bug: love or hate?

I have noticed an interesting turn towards animals in the last year for the fashion designers and the last hit from Fendi was one of the most surprising. When I first saw the Bag Bug, I was like, this is a no-no for me, but then there is something nonconformist about it that accessorizes a blunt outfit and somehow it is a daring fashion statement, so I decided writing this post.

The latest cult accessory – the Fendi Bag Bug. It is hairy and feathery, has eyes, ears and comes in a multitude of bright, attention-grabbing shades like royal blue, emerald green and strong pink. Childish some may say, outlandish and fun for others, these daring handbags have more in common with funfair toys and animals, or The Muppets than with the posh language of luxury. Yet, Bag Bugs have quickly caught on and are now being worn by real trendsetters worlwide, from Vogue Japan’s Anna dello Russo to Solange Knowles and Brit supermodel, Cara Delevingne, who carry and love them like pets.

Personally, I think the Bag Bug is Fendi’s most hilarious design to date and seems to fly in the face of conventional luxury design, which turned lately towards the classic, the timeless and the minimalist. The designer’s inspiration apparently came the tropical birds in Brazil, with beautifully colourful feathers and plumes.

I was pretty amazed to read about the success of the Bag Bug which comes on a wave of animal-influenced design that has invaded fashion right now. Animal motifs (owl shaped backpacks, jewelry, hoods and hats with ears, jumpsuits with paws and tails) have been hot sellers. Hair accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear and jewelry are all under the influence of the animal bug.

Moreover, animal shoes are also influenced by this trend with Charlotte Olympia, spreading the trend of her Kitty embroidered velvet slippers that are now a bestseller in her collection of heels, and Marc by Marc Jacobs issuing a sequel to the mouse flat in the shape of owl-embroidered espadrilles.  At Moschino, there are bears decorating ear-phones and floppy-eared rabbits on the back of Samsung Galaxy cases. Miu Miu has picked up the trend too  for Spring/Summer with fox and cat print tea dresses, while Prada came out with colorful print leather bags decorated with peacocks.

Honestly, I am still looking for my Bag Bug that would suit me; however, for those that dare to wear, it is a slap in the face for the conventional fashion! Which feels damn nice, I may say! 🙂


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