State it with a TEE TSHIRT!


As I am preparing for a long vacation, I was trying these days to plan some outfits, and then I remembered a small obsession I had with tee t-shirts, that somehow I felt like bringing back for this trip. I started three years ago with the Chanel tee t-shirt – a beloved one that I combined in several ways with shorts, skirts, legging, and then I moved last year to the YSL t-shirt for my trip in Hong Kong.

I accessorize that one with a leather jacket and necklace with white rocks. This is what I love about these t-shirts. They are so simple, yet you can transform them into a fashion statement and accessorize them in different ways for different looks.

Don’t judge me, because we all know that the humble t-shirt is the go-to item in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s our hero piece, able to mix and match itself with every shorts/jeans/skirt and suitable for almost any occasion.

I haven’t been too keen on logo/slogan t-shirts as I always thought they made me a) look like a teenager (hahaha yeah, NO THANKS); b) feel like a fake groupie/hipster; c) look like a try-hard (if that is even a word?! – whatever, you know what I mean).

But then a few years ago I saw them being worn by blogger and famous trendsetters and BAM – I saw inspiration! My theory on logo t-shirts went out the window and I am now officially obsessed. And therefore, I just purchased the Celine TEE TSHIRT for my new trip – the white one as I am a brunette :).

If you ask yourself, how to wear it? The tee can be worn with many styles, dress it down with some jeans and a leather jacket or dress it up with a black skirt and a statement necklace. I prefer to combine the two, a statement necklace with big white stones, or golden/silver chain one, a leather jacket, and some jeans. The higher the contrast the more interesting the tee becomes. 

I will post soon some pictures with my new Celine tee, so you could see what I mean. 🙂



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