Failing? = one step closer to Succeeding


On my way to Geneva, I met an old acquaintance on my flight, and we had this talk about succeeding in one’s career. She was asking for my advice on how to do it. Well, I am no guru of course, but it made me think and I realized the truth is that there is no secret formula to success. Besides a bit of luck and work, it is mostly about accepting failure as a part of the process and road towards success, and knowing how to learn from it, overcome it, stand up and do better.

Failing at something is not actual failure. I would call failure no longer trying to succeed, giving up.

Failure leads to success as long as you keep trying. If you didn’t fail in life, you wouldn’t know what succeeding is. You simply wouldn’t know how to appreciate success without failure. And for sure, you would lack experience, understanding ups and downs, high and lows. Experiencing failure also teaches you how to control reactions, feelings, and how to improve on what you had failed at.


You have to be realistic! Believe me – the real truth is that there’s going to be hard times and there’s going to be good times in your life. The question is can you get through the bad times and bounce back? Nobody wants to be on a ship with a captain who has never been through a storm. Failing isn’t failing, failing is growing and learning, shaping who you are, how you think and stretching your limits.

No matter what the situation is, whenever you failed, you always know better or become a better YOU. Every time you fail at something, you should want it even more and find better ways of getting it. That’s exactly what we do when we fail and it’s exactly how to achieve success. If you never failed, you’ll never be successful or find yourself accomplishing goals.

People who avoid failure, also avoid success. They are risk averse. They do not take chances – and that leads to a comfortable mediocre life with no great satisfactions. Success comes from getting out of your comfort zone, and that means it may involve failure. 

You should not be afraid or ashamed to start over with a wiser mind. Sometimes it takes a reset to get things working right or to gain a fresh perspective from experiencing.


It’s okay to stumble. It’s okay to refocus and it’s okay to fall. It’s okay to question. It’s NOT okay to quit!

Failure is nothing more than a rehearsal for success. Keep practicing, keep trying, keep improving and you’ll succeed.



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