Smart fashion choice: invest in Leather!


With my 2014 resolution of becoming a smart buyer from an impulsive buyer, the new trends for SS 2014 season out and so many different looks proposed by the fashion houses, it made me analyze what is worth buying exactly to stay trendy, but also make a good investment in lasting pieces for my wardrobe.

And there is one trend that drew my attention, that I actually love and that picked up for the summer season (somewhat surprising), and it is the LEATHER one. It could not have been more perfect actually, as one of this winter season’s trend was also leather. This can also mean that your leather pencil skirts, or leather pants that you might have bought this period, can be successfully accessorized for summer with sexy short tank tops or colorful shirts.



So, if you happen to be on a shopping spree these days, you can invest in some short leather pants, leather tops or leather skirts, and wear them now with leggings, thick stockings or fur coats, while recycling them in summer with statement accessorizes, high heel red or nude pumps and summery blouses or tops. Does not sound bad, right? 🙂

Ignore the quality of the picture below. I just wanted to show you an amateur mirror shot of me with an inside the car or over 7 degrees Celsius winter look with short leather pants (which you can wear with thick 100 DEN stockings or leggings for a warmer feel), adding some high heeled booties or over the knee flat boots.
photo me


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