My Break-up with Coke Zero/Light


They say that after a break-up people improve their appearance and look better, probably having more time to dedicate to oneself or proving a point of what their ex missed out on or simply because it is time for a new better version of oneself.  Singlehood brings about new people in one’s life, new experiences, new challenges, so an improved self is a must-do.

Well, this is to share with you how my break-up with Coke Zero/Light changed me…for the good. It has been a very long-term relationship that we had. I believe more than 10 years. So, yeah, it has been hard to let go, but I knew it was a toxic relationship to me, and it would get me nowhere, so one day I said I must let go.

Actually, I tried throughout the years to give up Coke several times, but somehow I relapsed, always finding some good excuse: exams, workload, stress and so on. Exactly like a girl in need holding on to her boyfriend for no actual good reason that I could articulate. I think my friends knew I could almost endorse Coke :).

Then, in April last year I took the decision to follow a healthier lifestyle – move towards a vegan diet and healthy living. I did all that, and still the last toxic element in my diet was Coke Zero. I felt like a hypocrite for a while: talking about a vegan lifestyle, but ingesting tones of aspartame and toxins through Coke.

Yes, other Coke drinkers, as much as you would like to defend this drink, it is ultimately very unhealthy, and I will not go on and on why, just point out two main indicators (Google and valid research studies from reputable institutes can fill in the dots): aspartame & the “delicious” Coke bubbles (the acid and blotting they cause).

Now let me tell you what happened exactly once I reduced the amount of Coke I was drinking and then completely cut it off my diet (aspartame is addictive, thus phasing out the quantities is the best way to give up the toxic drink) – my body really started hydrating. I was drinking a lot of water before, but Coke is actually dehydrating, so my body was never fully healthy ingesting the full amount of water it needed. And this is what real uninterrupted HYDRATION brought about:

  • My skin got better – no more dryness, more elasticity
  • My face is glowing, my eyes look more rested and stand out even more
  • I never have a swollen face after sleep in the morning, because I have enough water in the body
  • My muscles shaped during my workouts faster (I can actually tell shapes of muscles on my body and believe me I work out like a healthy person, not like a manic), and my skin is more elastic
  • I feel lighter somehow, and weirdly enough slimmed down
  • I feel even more energetic – if that were possible in my case 🙂

It is amazing what proper hydration can do to your body and appearance. It is also amazing how we can ruin our appearance and health with bad stubborn habits.

So for those of you that are still hitched to Coke or any kind of soda, or actually if you over react with any drink or food (except water), rethink it a bit and see what long term implications it brings to your organism.

Choose a long term healthy living over a short term taste satisfaction! 🙂 And believe me, you can give up on any addiction with some determination and focus! 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Break-up with Coke Zero/Light

  1. True! I have periods when I don’t drink coke or any other kind of soda and my skin looks very clean and beautiful, but I’m not sure I can give up drinking it…..:) I mean once a month it doesn’t bring any harm…i hope:)

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