I felt in love with Bircher Muesli!


Among all the cheese, fondue and the chocolate in Switzerland, there is one healthy thing I got hooked to: BIRCHER MUESLI – a healthy breakfast that honestly it is worth making at home and having every morning for a proper and healthy boost of energy. This breakfast option is gluten free if made with certified gluten-free oats.

So what is Bircher Muesli? It is a popular breakfast meal in Switzerland and parts of Germany and it is based on uncooked rolled oats and other products based on grain, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, soaked in milk or soy milk or plain yogurt or/and freshly squeezed fruit juice (depends on preference, on diet, on whether you are a vegetarian or not).

I honestly felt in love with its taste, and it goes perfectly with freshly squeezed orange juice and a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Takes me throughout the day until lunch time with no problems.

So, I wanted to share with you below the original Swiss recipe for Bircher Muesli that was developed around the turn of the century with my comments added. It’s a very tasty combination when made this way. You can prepare it in the evening for the next morning, or on Sundays and make a larger portion to last you a few mornings refrigerated of course. 

Morning preparation time: 5 minutes

Overnight soak possible: 6 hours


  • rolled oats
  • water
  • soy milk or soy yogurt or goat yogurt or simple plain yogurt
  • a spoon of honey (depends on the quantity you are making) – optional of course
  • lemon or apple juice
  • apple, grated with the skin
  • hazelnuts or almonds, chopped

Optional to add:

  • A grated carrot, a sliced banana, sliced strawberries and orange sections to your oats.
  • Soften raisins with the oats.
  • Add pumpkin or sunflower seeds, dried goji berries, other rolled grains.


The original recipe is a mixture of raw foods developed around the turn of the 20th century by a Swiss physician named Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner. Dr. Bircher went against the accepted medical practice of the time of thoroughly cooking food, thought to be healthier, and introduced a small bowl full of rolled oats and raw apple as an appetizer before most meals.


Mix the oats and water and let them soften overnight in the refrigerator.

I let them soften for a just few minutes. Oats do not need to be soaked for hours to make them digestible, although other grains do.

Add the yogurt/milk/soy milk (take your pick) and the lemon juice to the oats and stir.

Don’t add the lemon juice directly to the oats and milk because it will curdle. Sprinkle it over the apple, instead. You can add honey, agave nectar or Stevia, for a sweeter taste, avoiding sugar this way.

Add the grated apple – the must have ingredient, stir, sprinkle with raw chopped almonds or hazelnuts and there you go! It is done!

Try it out once when you feel inspired or bored. I am sure you will like it. Plus, it is a very healthy breakfast option. Enjoy! 🙂


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