It was love at… second sight :) – Boracay Island, Philippines


To be honest, going to Boracay Island in the Philippines was not my idea, and neither my first choice for the winter holiday, because I was not familiar with this destination. Last summer, I did not even know that there is a small Paradise on this island, but then I met someone who’s dream was to get there. Well, I thought to myself, if it is someone’s dream to go there… there has to be something really special, unique about this place, so I jumped in… the Dream, and honestly I wish I didn’t wake up! 🙂

This exotic small island ended up to be my best traveling experience so far, and I was lucky enough to have the chance throughout the years to really travel around Europe and the world, but this was something…else. It left a mark… of beauty, of love, but also of…appreciation to life. This place, won me over: the white and virgin beaches, the clear blue see-through sea, the cute picturesque romantic restaurants/bars on the rocks in the most hidden and secluded places… the duality of the island: no wind&windy beaches – for kite surf lovers… and the breathless sunsets and sunrises (yes, you can see them both from the island! – something I have never experienced before).

It was love at…second sight, because honestly when we arrived on the island, it was night, dark and there was a big cultural clash – after all, this was the 3rd world, and getting to your hotel/resort/bungalow means actually traveling locally – with your luggages piled up on a small means of transport on wheels, taking a small old wooden boat to the island, riding a tricycle… and passing through the villages… and seeing the reality of the real 3rd world and poverty of the local Filipinos. I was a bit shocked and started wondering whether this is really a dream island. We checked-in late in the night and then…the morning came…the sunrise….and the priceless view from my balcony. I have never seen such beauty before. It was different…it was virgin…it took my breath away. And then I knew… I love it!

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A thing that stroke me though are the local people, as poor as they are… they are happy, really happy, even though they may live out of coconuts and sleep on the beach…they are genuinely happy. And this made me think a lot of what do we truly need to be happy. We live in a modern world where we grew up being taught that money and material things will maintain happiness and our well-being, and this applies to all of us, as non-materialistic as we have been educated. It got to me how being with each other as human beings, enjoying our living…actually existing and seeing beauty on this Earth, is genuinely what should make us happy.

2014-01-24 22.02.59


Besides being a dreamy exotic place, there are so many things you can do on the island. We tried scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips and of course Kite surfing. It is actually a famous place for kite surfers. I will personally include it in “my firsts” – because it is the place where I learned to kite surf :).


All in all, if anyone asks, I recommend a holiday to the Philippines wholeheartedly! For me, the two weeks spent there were Paradise, and now, I pretty much got hooked to Asia and I look forward to discover it even more. So, I guess next on my list are Thailand, Malaysia and India. Let’s see where the road takes me 🙂


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