Make a Statement with… statement jewelry!


One thing that every girl should have in her wardrobe is a few statement necklaces and bracelets to put a touch of personality on any simple outfit.

The benefits of statement jewelry are that they can  make any simple outfit particular, original or transform it from simply casual to stylish.

Statement jewelry can be included in your office or daily outfits, and also cocktail/going out outfits. Imagine for a casual outfit: a pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt and a statement necklace adding a flavor of personalization and originality to something rather blunt you are wearing. The same is valid for a simple little black dress, or for an oversized pull over in the cold days.

I am a big fan and collector of statement jewelry, mostly necklaces and bracelets. I focus less on earrings, as I like more the small ones, but I do own some pieces of statement earrings for evening outfits  too. Usually, I try to balance an outfit. For example, when I wear statement earrings, I do not wear a statement necklace, probably just a bracelet. It is very important not to over do with this kind of jewelry, because as its name directly conveys, it does make a statement, it is visible, so it is good not to OVER-state it.

An original option in terms of statement jewelry is to go for the handmade or vintage pieces. They do have a particular and unique impact, and it puts forward your original style.

Below is a pull of statement jewelry I like and I chose from different websites – mostly Zara, H&M, Asos, Romwe, Topshop and a handmade young designer, Alexis Boutique. 

Today I was wearing a Zara chain with medallion necklace you see in the picture above and the Swarovski bracelets you see below


I hope you will enjoy the selection below and it will inspire you a bit to STATE it up! 🙂

Zara selection
Zara 2
Zara 3
zara 5
zara bracelet

H&M selection
hm 1
hm 2
hm bracelet
hm ring

Asos selection
Asos 5
Asos 9
Asos 10
Asos bracelet 3
Asos bracelet 4
Asos bracelet 5
Asos bracelet
Asos coins bracelet

Topshop selection
Topshop 3
Topshop 5
Topshop 8

Romwe selection
romw3 3
romwe 1
romwe 2

Alexis Boutique handmade selection –


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