Skip the dress! Go for a Rock Star look instead: Sequins & leather!

Once I moved to Lausanne, given the small paved cubical rock streets on the hills, I needed to find alternative outfits for going out, especially in the winter season. The dresses and pumps need some rest over here until the spring comes. It is a challenge walking around on high heels when you go out for a drink or clubbing with friends in this city.

One good alternative I found to stay both stylish and comfy for a Friday night out is LEATHER and SEQUINS. Leather keeps it sexy and stylish for this season – leggings, shorts, skirts – your choice,  while the sequins add a touch of going-out flavor and femininity to the outfit.  You can wear it with over the knee boots, Isabel Marant or Zanotti like platform sneakers or combat boots.

Here’s a combination I wore last Friday night that worked out perfectly for me:

I am a heels addict when I go out, however, the platform sneakers and over the knee boots – even flat ones, are the ones that still give me the feel of femininity. So from a high-heels lover to the world – here is my alternative for a night out! :)</p>


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