The basic need to INSPIRE others

We all want to inspire! Yes, it might sound strange to you and you may be the person saying “I do not care about others or what others think”. However, deep inside of you, whenever someone looks up to you, compliments you or simply says he/she took your advise or did something just like you said, you feel great content, pride, a warm satisfaction that in the end comes down to the fact that you feel you are a meaningful person, you impact the world around you, you make a difference. Come on, you did feel it! It’s normal and it is neither narcissist nor a proof of over self-confidence. And it is definitely not a sign of weakness if inspiring others matters to you. It comes from the need we have as humans to inspire in order to feel like we are an important piece in the social game and in life. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you are denying this, I have to tell you that inspiring is genuinely a beautiful thing!
I know many of you might argue the need to inspire, saying that inspiring others is not at all important, as you do not live through the eyes of others, but for yourself. Ok, I agree with this healthy thinking. I actually admire that line of thought, but ultimately even by saying this, if what you are saying is stimulating me, impacts me, makes me pause for a second and think deeply, and so you indirectly might make me believe you (yes, I might be inspired by your strength), this fact will bring some sort of content or relief to you that you convinced me or I accepted your thinking, which will ultimately come from the fact that I got inspired by what you said and had a small “AHA!” moment. The inspirer (you) would feel satisfied, content (it cannot be controlled, believe me!), while the inspiree (me in this example) would put more thought into his/her actions or perceptions of things. See how easy it goes? And you didn’t even want to inspire me!
So why do we need to inspire? Well, it resumes to sharing with others (directly or indirectly) how we feel, who we are, what we think, and exercising an elevating or stimulating influence on their intellect and emotions. It is practically a need to communicate and somehow leave a touch of us, a mark of thought on someone without any further strong arguments/debates needed. Inspiring is convincing silently through words, music, pictures, art, expressions, and so on – it is a state of art, leaving a positive feeling on the other person.

All of us, at one point in our life, we get to inspire others. There is beauty in every person, and there is always another person recognizing that, and thus getting some inspiration from that. It is important that you stay true to yourself, because that is when you most inspire the world around. Your original self is inspiring because it is unique. Being unique as you are, you are a piece of art, so if you ever wanted to be inspirational for others be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to be who you are comfortable to be. The world needs and appreciates authenticity!

People and people interactions through all senses will always be a sources of inspiration. I love letting people surprise me and inspire me. I also like to find inspiration in strangers. But I also like to believe I am inspiring to others in some way. We all need to feel that – just be honest and admit it!

So, on a final note, just be your true self always and let others be inspired by your uniqueness! The moment you want to become something that you are not, your authenticity fades, and your sparkle is gone – you are just a copy-cat with little inspirational value.

Rock the town in Animal Print Footsteps

2014 must be the year of funky shoes. Seriously, I saw it all: from pointed toes, bulky shoes, in particular bulky heels to animal prints and western detailing.

And in this context, the animal print VANS, I could not resist buying, are a funky, comfy, trendy choice, and one of my personal favorite this spring. A good friend of mine, working in Marie Claire raised my interest in them, and once I saw them, I felt in love and ordered them right away.

I am no big fan of full animal print outfits. I like simplicity and moderation in my style, so I knew these Vans would be the exact exotic, crazy, trendy animal print touch I could play around with outfits. More like an accessory than actual shoes.

My other two favorite animal print items in my wardrobe are: a pair of pumps (actually snake skin) and a shawl. Like I said, I do not over do it, but this depends on personality and personal style. However, you do need some particular funky shoes for this SS’14. They are fun, they look original the funkier they are, and personalize your style – and this comes from a faithful high heels girl like my self! I must say I rediscovered my playfulness with these babies! 🙂



The Boy in Chanel

I have been fond of the Chanel Boy bag since it came out, and later on last year, after long considerations, I purchased the black and white version, just because the non-color is what I find most classy about Chanel. This bag is a wonderful accessory and very chameleonic in the sense that you can wear it with a cocktail dress or with a casual outfit, and it just goes perfectly either way. I wore mine in Paris last week, both as a casual chic piece going around the city and a perfect accessory in Disneyland for a fun casual day – so you get the picture.



Karl Lagerfeld suggests the flexibility of the style of the bag brings about a new interpretation of boyish charm: “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.” I have to be honest though: I did not make the connection between the name of the bag and Chanel’s great love until one day when my boyfriend mentioned it in a moment of “I love your bag. By the way, did you know….?”. I felt slightly ignorant on the spot, but then again we are humans :).

And I guess, the name of the bag and its connection with Coco Chanel’s big love, makes it somewhat an idyllic piece, and so a must-have collectible. I always believed that a Chanel bag is a timeless investment. I purchased my first one, 2.55 black flap bag years ago, and it is still a small jewelry in my bag collection, styling beautifully every outfit. It just never runs out of style. And neither will this one I am sure. Because fashion pieces that we absolutely love, when they become old, we call them vintage :). So, with a Chanel, you are always playing on the safe field of never actually running out of style.


Moreover, Chanel released the Pre-spring 2014 (Spring 2014 Act 1) in January 2014, and the SS’14 Act 2 collection too which comprises of the Boy bag in metallics. The new collections are wonderful and have some to-die-for pieces. However, my personal favorite is from Act 1, the pastel color (faded pink) one below. Simple, delicate, elegant – just perfect, simply Chanel!

It’s time to state it with flowers!

Flower prints may not be groundbreaking or any kind of fashion innovation or spectacular trend, but they will forever be considered the mark of spring; familiar you may say, but never disappointing in underlining femininity, delicacy and… spring. In March, you can always count on weather finally allowing you to put on a floral fantasy outfit to assure a smooth transition between seasons and this spring is no different – at least in Europe, given the sunny days we have enjoyed lately.

Below, you can see the look I chose this weekend in Paris: vivid flowers and black.

I am not keen on adopting a head-to-toe floral look, but this season offers plenty of equally stunning alternatives to combine: skirts, blouses, shorts, long pants or jeans or blazers. Then there is the simple cuts and the more daring cuts – depending on your personality. I usually like to choose one flowery piece and combine it with something in mono-color or something simple so that particular piece would stand out.

Last year was the year of  delicate pastel shades, but this year besides pretty delicate florals, there is also a more daring print with all the vivid colors imaginable, but still in the lines of delicacy and subtlety. Simply hard not to love as a girl! 🙂


What if you stopped tracking time so much?

20140315_175636Have you ever wished that time would just go away? I don’t mean time or “existence” in the literal sense. I mean time in the way we count things.

Because we’re always counting, aren’t we?

  • What time is it?
  • How much time do I have left?
  • How much longer until we arrive?
  • I hate waiting so long, I don’t have time for this.
  • We need to hurry up.
  • If I’m late, I’m going to be in trouble.

When you really take a close look at all the situations related to time, it’s amazing how much we obsess over it. We think we can control time, how long things take, and what kind of results we get. They say time management, after all, is how we achieve success, isn’t it?

Or so we think. Because there are so many other factors to success that have nothing to do with time, and nothing to do with counting it. There are priorities, there are relationships, resources, focus, commitment, discipline, passion and all of these other things. Yet we simply call it “time management.”

I’ve seen many people trying to…

  • Make sure there’s enough time.
  • Schedule things efficiently.
  • Make sure they have time for this, or time for that.
  • Not let time “run away from them.”

See how ridiculous this gets?

We spend too much energy on tracking time. So, in fact it is not time management that we should worry about, but energy management. Just live life and enjoy it! And recognize that the time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted, it is LIVING! I’ve found personally that trying to constantly manage and monitor my time has only led me to greater anxiety, and always feeling like I’ve not “done enough” or “in due time”. I’m always thinking about how I could have “spent that time more wisely.” But the purpose of life is to enjoy it, isn’t it?, not question efficiency every step of the way.

Time is rooted in happiness and good memories. So create them and make a conscious choice to be happy and grateful. Ditch that society time conditioning and set goals, priorities and dreams for your life and focus your energy on that, on EXPERIENCE, NOT TRACKING:)! Relax and enjoy the ride at the pace life is setting for you!

Compromising yourself to fit in? Don’t!

1017528_10153749016595624_250743157_nIf you have to compromise your character just to fit in, don’t fit in. Your self worth doesn’t depend on the acceptance of society. The minute you stop worrying about what people think of you is the second you start living. Guard your name, integrity and faith. Be mindful that people will hate you for the same reasons they will love you. I realized sometimes no matter what you do, how you act, how you dress…you are still talked about. Personally, it bothered me for a while, then I started not to care, but be flattered actually – if people talk, it is because you captured their attention. There is something particular about you! In the end, there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? I’d rather be talked about than completely blunt and invisible.

Criticism is basically a compliment that you’re doing something right. If you’re afraid of critics, you will die a nobody. Don’t waste time worrying about what people are saying and what people are thinking about you. You have affected their lives, don’t let them affect yours. People will only talk about people who are making a difference so why not welcome them?

Some people only speak of you to get attention from you or from others – because you are a hot topic! Others speak of you because of their jealously and insecurity. Confident people are comfortable being hated/disliked for exactly who they are. And the insecure ones seek love and acceptance trying to be something they’re not.

If the “real you” is ever questioned, the people who matter will know the truth and the ones who don’t won’t believe you anyway. It’s foolish to seek approval in people or things that have no relevance or authority. Understand that every person passing judgment isn’t a judge. Judgmental people don’t deserve your precious time or energy.

I personally don’t have time to hate the people who hate me, or talk about them, because I’m too busy loving the people who love me and people I admire and respect. I believe everyone should live with that same mindset. What people think or say about you is none of your business. That’s the logic we should live by. I actually learned this from my father. At the beginning, especially when I was in high school it was hard to understand him telling me that I should not care what others think of me. He never does. He is who he is and if people like him like that, fine, if not, he doesn’t suffer or care. Now I realize, it is healthy to think so. In the end, a hater is nothing but a fan! Trust me! You have grabbed his/her attention!

A critic is nothing but someone with an opinion. They just don’t know how to express it in positive way. Don’t be distracted by their criticism. Just remember the only taste of success that some people will ever have is when they take a bite out of a successful person. When we react to negativity, we are disturbing our inner space and mentally creating pain and negativity within ourselves. I’ve learned that when people initiate negativity, it’s usually a reflection of their inner state expressed externally. People are often so bored and unhappy with their own lives that they want to take others down with them. 

So heads up! Be yourself and let the haters hate! Probably, they are also the ones stocking your Facebook profile the most or analyzing you when you make an appearance! Enjoy the attention! It only means you make a difference and you are unique!

Decoding MEN… a subjective view.

Make-A-Man-HappyThroughout my share of experiences with men and having a gang of male friends which shared with me all kinds of stories all these years, I learned a few essential things about men, that I felt like sharing today. I may be wrong, I may be subjective… I am not preaching, but I believe that in the below points there is a fair share of truth.

There are key things women need to understand about men when it comes to finding, sustaining, and enjoying a valuable healthy relationship. The most important is all men have similarities, but all men are not the same (yup – they are not all pigs as we tend to say after a failed experience). If you can understand a man without feeling the need to judge him then it will be easier to keep him. Men want a woman who cares enough to enhance him, but appreciates him enough not to want to change him. So, for the men reading this, I am open to critics, if I hit the wrong buttons below.

1. Men (contrary to what most women think sometimes) Do Want A Relationship.

A good man, a real man, a gentleman, does want a relationship. Men just don’t want the stress, arguments, and issues that they’ve experienced in previous relationships. It’s not your duty to prove to him that you’re different than the women he dated before you. Actually, all you have to do is be yourself. Yup, as simple as that! Men desire a relationship just as women do; they’re just not inclined to rush into having it. Men operate on a different time clock than women, so it’s important to understand that when he’s ready for a relationship, it will be clear. So, honestly just be patient. Give him time to figure it out, and do not put too much emotion into it. It is not that personal all the time. And if it is, you guys are not compatible anyways. If the man is smart, he’ll recognize that you’re a good woman and understand that you would be a valuable part of his pursuit of true success and happiness.

2. Men Like Challenges.

What I learned the hard way is that if he doesn’t have to work to get you then he won’t work too much to keep you. A woman must be intriguing enough to make him want to know more about her. The honest truth is that if you can’t make a man wonder then more than likely you won’t be able to make him commit either. Don’t give him everything he wants at once; give it to him when you’re ready for him to have it. Men are patient when it comes to quality, so if he feels like you’re worth it, he’ll face whatever challenge you put him through. However, don’y play games with him. The minute he feels like you’re playing, he’ll stop trying. If you give in to him easily he’ll leave easily. Challenge him but do not push him away through being to unapproachable; if he doesn’t rise up to a normal challenge then he’s below your standards.

3. Men Need Support.

Make sure your man knows that you really believe in him. If you invest in his dreams now, in return he will make sure that fruits of that hard work also bring you happiness later. Men appreciate women who understand the importance of being supportive. Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to be there for him. It doesn’t matter how small the event is; knowing you took the time to make it, matters to him. Believe in his dreams, and help him fulfill them. Push him towards his dreams. Supporting a real man is a balance of celebrating him while challenging him.

4. Men Desire A Companion.

Be both a friend and a partner to your man. Understanding him is far more important than just listening to him and agreeing with him. Try your hardest to see where he’s coming from in every perception. Don’t try to be his mother!!! No man wants to be treated like a child by the woman he loves, regardless of whether or not he’s acting like one. He’ll forget things and make mistakes, but it’s important for you to understand that nagging him will never be an effective way to get his attention. Let him know you’re there for him and not against him. Care enough to talk to him in a way that lets him know you’re still on his side. Be there, right beside him, not in front of him, not behind him, and not standing over him. Make him feel like you’re in his corner and not the one he’s fighting.

5. Men Like Confidence!!!

Make sure you know the true value of what you bring to the table and be confident. Men are attracted to women who know their value; they just don’t like women who try to show their worth by ignoring his or putting him down. The only time a man will have a problem is when you come off as full of yourself. It’s great that you can do it on your own, but don’t forget to make him feel like he can still contribute in some way to your life. However, you do not have to play smaller than you are either – just don’t over do your independence. If he’s a real man, your confidence in yourself will make him feel like you’re an asset to his life.

6. Men Need Their Ego Pampered.

You don’t have to lie to him, but a wise woman understands that if she makes him feel strong like Superman, he’ll treat her like Wonder Woman. Even the most confident man needs the occasional reassurance. It doesn’t matter how many awards, honors, or titles he holds, men love it when their woman build them up. When he stumbles and hesitates, remind him of who he is to you and the greatness you see in him. He may not be the prince charming from the fairytales, but he rule your dreams. Simple words like “you can do it” or “I believe in you” can get even the most stagnant man moving when encouraging words come from a genuine woman. If you know he’s a good man, take the time to say the little things needed to make him feel like one. Be his number one supporter.

7. Men Need Reminders.

Everyone forgets. It is a flaw of our humanity. And men, well, men forget a little more than normal based on scientific evidence; so it’s important to give him occasional reminders. It’s not that he forgets because he doesn’t care, it’s just that you, as with most women, naturally pay attention to details better than men. If you really want him to remember then you will have to put your pride and emotions to the side and take the time to remind him. If you’re not willing to remind him, then it is not fair for you to have an attitude when and if he forgets. If you’re the type of woman who keeps track of three-month anniversaries and what you all did on your third date, then you can’t realistically expect him to remember all of that. It doesn’t mean he cares any less about the relationship; it just means that other things stick out to him. Remind him when you want him to remember. It won’t kill you to do so. If he’s a quick learner then he won’t need you to give him more than one or two reminders.

8. Men Desire A Fair Balance.

If he feels like nothing he does will make you happy then he will stop trying. Be mindful of how you treat him and the way you talk to him. Just because you’re angry with him doesn’t mean you have to start a war with him. Learn how to show him you’re unhappy without coming off as if you take pride in how well you can get mad. Keep it consistent. If he makes you mad, communicate the offense so that in the future he can learn from it. Don’t just get mad with him for the sake of being mad. Nothing frustrates a man more than dealing with an attitude he doesn’t know what he did to cause!!! And believe me, I am still working on this point as a woman! Keep a fair balance. He shouldn’t feel like he’s dating two different women every time it’s “that time of the month” for you.

9. Men Love Having Something To Wonder About.

If he feels he knows everything there is to know about you, then his interest in you slowly starts to die. This doesn’t mean you should hide parts of you from him, it just means you should continue to mature and develop personally. However, don’t be so mysterious that he grows restless trying to figure you out. You must be balanced in your intentions. Make sure he feels like he knows you, but keep growing, so he feels the need to get to know you better. Do things to strike his imagination and get the wheels in his head turning. Be fascinating. Be so captivating that he can’t stop thinking about you. Become what he daydreams about.

10. Men Like Surprises.

It’s important for you to know what he likes and what he’s into. You can use that information to show him something about you that he probably doesn’t know. Be different and be exciting. Men like women who are fun and he’ll want to spend more time with you if he knows he’ll have a good time with you. Don’t let sex be the only time you’re fun to him.

Well, that was my humble view over things – manly ones. I am open to comments 🙂

Country Chic for the sunny weekend

As finally spring kicked in, this weekend I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, shining sun, the Geneva lake and explore the picturesque villages around.

A friend told me about this beautiful castle by the lake, next to Yverdon-les-Bains, the Grandson castle. So, Sunday was the perfect day to go see it. The castle was beautiful, with great views over the Geneva Lake and the Alps, a museum of vintage cars from the 1900s in the cellar, and a winery as obviously every castle should have. Luckily, we also arrived in Grandson exactly in time for the Carnival – as this is the season of Carnivals in the area, including the North of Italy. It was a very nice street event, a contest of costumes, music and local art. It just made the place seem like part of a book of tales.

Apparently all around the Geneva Lake and Fribourg area in Switzerland, there are a lot of castles overlooking the Alps, very well preserved that give the area a special fairly tale touch, more picturesque than I initially thought.

Below there is also the country style outfit I chose for the day: checkered Zara shirt, leather jacket and shimmer red jeans from Zara, Isabel Marant sneakers, H&M silver chain necklace, Chanel sunglasses and my beloved Prada bag I cannot get enough of.
The cowboy checkered shirt showed up as a trend for SS’14. You can easily match it with skinny or boyfriend jeans, ripped off short jeans and sneakers, Converse shoes or even high heels if you go for the long jeans look. The shirt can be worn by itself or over a casual loosed fit t-shirt, and accessorized with a chain necklace or a funky bandana. Give the country look a chance in a chic way!

And here is a small piece of the beauty of Grandson and the Yverdon-les-Bains area:
photo6 cars
photo2 photo4

Charmed by… Pandora!

I don’t like jewelry at all costs. Fashion wise, yes, I like statement jewelry, and then on a more emotional level, I like jewelry that means something, received on a special occasion from a special person or for a special reason.

Well, let’s rephrase this a bit… I’m not saying I’d wear a set of earrings, necklace and ring with some cherry shape for example, even if it would be a gift from my beloved one to celebrate let’s say one-two years of relationship. If this did happen and I received such a gift, I would still try to understand the reasoning behind/ the story if any/ its meaning and maybe only then associate it with something and think of wearing it. Because, ok, I like cherries, but not at my neck, ears or fingers, only in a bowl, shake or ice cream!:) D&G tried a cherries print once for clothes and underwear, and I found it more of a turn-off. Food should be eaten, not decorate/match my outfits!

Coming back to the point of this post, attention to detail and being truly thoughtful ends up in making the most beautiful gifts. And this is how I discovered Pandora. I find it incredibly nice to have a simple bracelet, and then, to gather around it the best memories in the form of charms, all connecting to something meaningful in my life, or given with love. And then, if you want to make a special gift to yourself, you can also do it and if the budget allows you, there are also little sapphires or rubies variants you can buy :).

My first Pandora bracelet has a story, and I got it from my colleagues at work, before leaving on my assignment in Switzerland, and the first charm from them was meant to bring me good luck on my new adventure. Then I got my second charm, an infinity column shape, from my mother, during a wonderful mother&daughter/girls shopping spree marking our friendship bound. And then a dear one I have from my wonderful friend – almost a sister, Hannah, for Christmas, in the shape of a white reindeer, in the light of our sisterhood. photoThe last one I received was this first of March, from my love, and it marks the beginning of spring, much love and a new beginning for us.

So there you go, I love having memories around my wrist, and I love talking about them. And what’s even nicer – they make me smile when I think of them…and I guess that is what is so special about the Pandora bracelet – the good energy and vibe surrounding it, because the charms you collect were all given with much love and thoughtfulness. If you are looking for a special gift these days for 8th March or a simple surprise, I think the Pandora bracelet/charm is the perfect one to connect it with a small story of why a person means so much to you! It is simply a magical gift I think!

10 advices for a woman…from a man

photoI recently came across an interesting article discussing a writing of the respected Romanian author G. Calinescu (June 19, 1899 – March 12, 1965). It talked about 10 advices that the author gave women, and frankly I found them useful, fun to read, and to consider even to this age for any woman wanting to be strong, respected, but preserve her femininity and finesse. And then they come from a man! Take a look and…maybe, be inspired:)!

1. For a girl, success in life is not subject to study and energy. The purpose of a woman is to be admired and liked; without this there can be no genuine happiness for a woman.
2. You can be a scientist, you can be an artist, but do not forget you’re a woman. Do not crossover into the men’s camp.
3. The point is not to be physically perfect, but expressive. The expression of the face is not the only one that matters. Some women have a distinguishably beautiful face, but a vulgar body. Your knee, your body, your face should always inspire nobility.
4. Don’t strengthen your character to the point that you cannot cry. A woman who cannot cry has lost half her charm.
5. Watch out for the influence that the backward and brutal men can have on fine girls. Do not confuse virility with rudeness.
6. But do not go to the other extreme either trying to seek a scholar. Very often they are primitive and selfish, and their soul is under their intellect. Find a real man.
7. Do not marry a man who says frankly that he does not understand art. He can hide terrible vices.
8. If your husband will be an exceptional man, do not over praise him to others, and do not defend him of gossip. You’ll make him get used to consider himself untouchable.
9 . Do not remotely push away, being a married/committed woman, the man that you respect/look up to and that loves you truly. You can shadow an existence this way. A delicate friendship is not adultery.
10 . Having children do not become blatantly just a mother. Even with children, be eternally childlike.