The Nude Oscars – fashionwise of course :)

We all know the Academy Awards a.k.a. Oscars night is not only a ceremony where the best movie productions and actors of the year are prized, it is also for us, women, a chance to look at a spectacular catwalk of the most glamorous dresses, the night when the high-couture fashion designers put up their best show.

As everyone is in the fever of commenting the event, well…it got to me too, because I noticed this very nice trend in the outfits worn: the NUDE. What I love about the Nude is the fact that behind its faded nature and transparency lies simplicity at its best, and then playing with cuts, forms and embellishments becomes an interesting game in which at the central lies the architecture of the dress, and the natural beauty of the woman wearing it. It takes personality and good fashion sense to make nude noticeable. I guess, this is what I like about it. NUDE must be worn with ATTITUDE!

Below are the nude dresses from the event, some rather too much, some wonderful, my personal favorite being Angelina Jolie’s. Even though, many critics commented that it is too much of a cover-up, and rather of an old look, I believe Elie Saab let Angelina’s personality shine with class and simplicity. I personally love the dress!



And speaking of nude, here’s my favorite nude dress, made of lace, pencil cut, designed by M. Marquise (a talented young Romanian designer – check her facebook page here: – I accessorized it with a pair of Steve Madden black pumps and a Roberto Cavalli oversized clutch:

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