10 advices for a woman…from a man

photoI recently came across an interesting article discussing a writing of the respected Romanian author G. Calinescu (June 19, 1899 – March 12, 1965). It talked about 10 advices that the author gave women, and frankly I found them useful, fun to read, and to consider even to this age for any woman wanting to be strong, respected, but preserve her femininity and finesse. And then they come from a man! Take a look and…maybe, be inspired:)!

1. For a girl, success in life is not subject to study and energy. The purpose of a woman is to be admired and liked; without this there can be no genuine happiness for a woman.
2. You can be a scientist, you can be an artist, but do not forget you’re a woman. Do not crossover into the men’s camp.
3. The point is not to be physically perfect, but expressive. The expression of the face is not the only one that matters. Some women have a distinguishably beautiful face, but a vulgar body. Your knee, your body, your face should always inspire nobility.
4. Don’t strengthen your character to the point that you cannot cry. A woman who cannot cry has lost half her charm.
5. Watch out for the influence that the backward and brutal men can have on fine girls. Do not confuse virility with rudeness.
6. But do not go to the other extreme either trying to seek a scholar. Very often they are primitive and selfish, and their soul is under their intellect. Find a real man.
7. Do not marry a man who says frankly that he does not understand art. He can hide terrible vices.
8. If your husband will be an exceptional man, do not over praise him to others, and do not defend him of gossip. You’ll make him get used to consider himself untouchable.
9 . Do not remotely push away, being a married/committed woman, the man that you respect/look up to and that loves you truly. You can shadow an existence this way. A delicate friendship is not adultery.
10 . Having children do not become blatantly just a mother. Even with children, be eternally childlike.

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