Country Chic for the sunny weekend

As finally spring kicked in, this weekend I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, shining sun, the Geneva lake and explore the picturesque villages around.

A friend told me about this beautiful castle by the lake, next to Yverdon-les-Bains, the Grandson castle. So, Sunday was the perfect day to go see it. The castle was beautiful, with great views over the Geneva Lake and the Alps, a museum of vintage cars from the 1900s in the cellar, and a winery as obviously every castle should have. Luckily, we also arrived in Grandson exactly in time for the Carnival – as this is the season of Carnivals in the area, including the North of Italy. It was a very nice street event, a contest of costumes, music and local art. It just made the place seem like part of a book of tales.

Apparently all around the Geneva Lake and Fribourg area in Switzerland, there are a lot of castles overlooking the Alps, very well preserved that give the area a special fairly tale touch, more picturesque than I initially thought.

Below there is also the country style outfit I chose for the day: checkered Zara shirt, leather jacket and shimmer red jeans from Zara, Isabel Marant sneakers, H&M silver chain necklace, Chanel sunglasses and my beloved Prada bag I cannot get enough of.
The cowboy checkered shirt showed up as a trend for SS’14. You can easily match it with skinny or boyfriend jeans, ripped off short jeans and sneakers, Converse shoes or even high heels if you go for the long jeans look. The shirt can be worn by itself or over a casual loosed fit t-shirt, and accessorized with a chain necklace or a funky bandana. Give the country look a chance in a chic way!

And here is a small piece of the beauty of Grandson and the Yverdon-les-Bains area:
photo6 cars
photo2 photo4

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