Compromising yourself to fit in? Don’t!

1017528_10153749016595624_250743157_nIf you have to compromise your character just to fit in, don’t fit in. Your self worth doesn’t depend on the acceptance of society. The minute you stop worrying about what people think of you is the second you start living. Guard your name, integrity and faith. Be mindful that people will hate you for the same reasons they will love you. I realized sometimes no matter what you do, how you act, how you dress…you are still talked about. Personally, it bothered me for a while, then I started not to care, but be flattered actually – if people talk, it is because you captured their attention. There is something particular about you! In the end, there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? I’d rather be talked about than completely blunt and invisible.

Criticism is basically a compliment that you’re doing something right. If you’re afraid of critics, you will die a nobody. Don’t waste time worrying about what people are saying and what people are thinking about you. You have affected their lives, don’t let them affect yours. People will only talk about people who are making a difference so why not welcome them?

Some people only speak of you to get attention from you or from others – because you are a hot topic! Others speak of you because of their jealously and insecurity. Confident people are comfortable being hated/disliked for exactly who they are. And the insecure ones seek love and acceptance trying to be something they’re not.

If the “real you” is ever questioned, the people who matter will know the truth and the ones who don’t won’t believe you anyway. It’s foolish to seek approval in people or things that have no relevance or authority. Understand that every person passing judgment isn’t a judge. Judgmental people don’t deserve your precious time or energy.

I personally don’t have time to hate the people who hate me, or talk about them, because I’m too busy loving the people who love me and people I admire and respect. I believe everyone should live with that same mindset. What people think or say about you is none of your business. That’s the logic we should live by. I actually learned this from my father. At the beginning, especially when I was in high school it was hard to understand him telling me that I should not care what others think of me. He never does. He is who he is and if people like him like that, fine, if not, he doesn’t suffer or care. Now I realize, it is healthy to think so. In the end, a hater is nothing but a fan! Trust me! You have grabbed his/her attention!

A critic is nothing but someone with an opinion. They just don’t know how to express it in positive way. Don’t be distracted by their criticism. Just remember the only taste of success that some people will ever have is when they take a bite out of a successful person. When we react to negativity, we are disturbing our inner space and mentally creating pain and negativity within ourselves. I’ve learned that when people initiate negativity, it’s usually a reflection of their inner state expressed externally. People are often so bored and unhappy with their own lives that they want to take others down with them. 

So heads up! Be yourself and let the haters hate! Probably, they are also the ones stocking your Facebook profile the most or analyzing you when you make an appearance! Enjoy the attention! It only means you make a difference and you are unique!

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