Cuff your style for SS’14 & AW’14 seasons

During the past fashion weeks I have noticed a commonality among the accessorizes proposed by the haute-couture fashion houses, that personally I believe is a nice inspiration for both this soon upcoming summer season and AW’14: the cuffs and statement bracelets.

Usually, if you decide to accessorize your outfit with a statement cuff, you should probably go easy on the necklace and either just wear a pair of statement earrings or nothing at all. I do not like to overdo with accessories. It is important to add a touch of style and personality, but not end up with a heavy look.

So here is my favorite selection of cuffs and bracelets from the catwalk:

Chloe fringed cuff
Chloe fringed bracelets

Lanvin crystal cuff
Crystal cuffs Lanvin

Bon-bon statement bracelet at Gucci
Bon Bon Bracelets Gucci

Medallion cuff at Versace
Medallion cuffs Versace

Figurative cuff at Dior
Figurative cuffs Dior

And here are two of my favorite crystal Swarovski cuffs that I bought last summer (and how I wore them) that go very well for the upcoming season as well:
untitled swarovski-best-clear-crystal-mesh-cuff-profile



I hope the “cuffy” style brought about some outfit inspiration to you as it did for me, and next time you shop around you might look also for some cuffs to add to your accessories collection (if you don’t own some already) and to match both your casual and evening outfits.


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