It’s time to state it with flowers!

Flower prints may not be groundbreaking or any kind of fashion innovation or spectacular trend, but they will forever be considered the mark of spring; familiar you may say, but never disappointing in underlining femininity, delicacy and… spring. In March, you can always count on weather finally allowing you to put on a floral fantasy outfit to assure a smooth transition between seasons and this spring is no different – at least in Europe, given the sunny days we have enjoyed lately.

Below, you can see the look I chose this weekend in Paris: vivid flowers and black.

I am not keen on adopting a head-to-toe floral look, but this season offers plenty of equally stunning alternatives to combine: skirts, blouses, shorts, long pants or jeans or blazers. Then there is the simple cuts and the more daring cuts – depending on your personality. I usually like to choose one flowery piece and combine it with something in mono-color or something simple so that particular piece would stand out.

Last year was the year of  delicate pastel shades, but this year besides pretty delicate florals, there is also a more daring print with all the vivid colors imaginable, but still in the lines of delicacy and subtlety. Simply hard not to love as a girl! 🙂


What if you stopped tracking time so much?

20140315_175636Have you ever wished that time would just go away? I don’t mean time or “existence” in the literal sense. I mean time in the way we count things.

Because we’re always counting, aren’t we?

  • What time is it?
  • How much time do I have left?
  • How much longer until we arrive?
  • I hate waiting so long, I don’t have time for this.
  • We need to hurry up.
  • If I’m late, I’m going to be in trouble.

When you really take a close look at all the situations related to time, it’s amazing how much we obsess over it. We think we can control time, how long things take, and what kind of results we get. They say time management, after all, is how we achieve success, isn’t it?

Or so we think. Because there are so many other factors to success that have nothing to do with time, and nothing to do with counting it. There are priorities, there are relationships, resources, focus, commitment, discipline, passion and all of these other things. Yet we simply call it “time management.”

I’ve seen many people trying to…

  • Make sure there’s enough time.
  • Schedule things efficiently.
  • Make sure they have time for this, or time for that.
  • Not let time “run away from them.”

See how ridiculous this gets?

We spend too much energy on tracking time. So, in fact it is not time management that we should worry about, but energy management. Just live life and enjoy it! And recognize that the time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted, it is LIVING! I’ve found personally that trying to constantly manage and monitor my time has only led me to greater anxiety, and always feeling like I’ve not “done enough” or “in due time”. I’m always thinking about how I could have “spent that time more wisely.” But the purpose of life is to enjoy it, isn’t it?, not question efficiency every step of the way.

Time is rooted in happiness and good memories. So create them and make a conscious choice to be happy and grateful. Ditch that society time conditioning and set goals, priorities and dreams for your life and focus your energy on that, on EXPERIENCE, NOT TRACKING:)! Relax and enjoy the ride at the pace life is setting for you!