Rock the town in Animal Print Footsteps

2014 must be the year of funky shoes. Seriously, I saw it all: from pointed toes, bulky shoes, in particular bulky heels to animal prints and western detailing.

And in this context, the animal print VANS, I could not resist buying, are a funky, comfy, trendy choice, and one of my personal favorite this spring. A good friend of mine, working in Marie Claire raised my interest in them, and once I saw them, I felt in love and ordered them right away.

I am no big fan of full animal print outfits. I like simplicity and moderation in my style, so I knew these Vans would be the exact exotic, crazy, trendy animal print touch I could play around with outfits. More like an accessory than actual shoes.

My other two favorite animal print items in my wardrobe are: a pair of pumps (actually snake skin) and a shawl. Like I said, I do not over do it, but this depends on personality and personal style. However, you do need some particular funky shoes for this SS’14. They are fun, they look original the funkier they are, and personalize your style – and this comes from a faithful high heels girl like my self! I must say I rediscovered my playfulness with these babies! 🙂



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