The basic need to INSPIRE others

We all want to inspire! Yes, it might sound strange to you and you may be the person saying “I do not care about others or what others think”. However, deep inside of you, whenever someone looks up to you, compliments you or simply says he/she took your advise or did something just like you said, you feel great content, pride, a warm satisfaction that in the end comes down to the fact that you feel you are a meaningful person, you impact the world around you, you make a difference. Come on, you did feel it! It’s normal and it is neither narcissist nor a proof of over self-confidence. And it is definitely not a sign of weakness if inspiring others matters to you. It comes from the need we have as humans to inspire in order to feel like we are an important piece in the social game and in life. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you are denying this, I have to tell you that inspiring is genuinely a beautiful thing!
I know many of you might argue the need to inspire, saying that inspiring others is not at all important, as you do not live through the eyes of others, but for yourself. Ok, I agree with this healthy thinking. I actually admire that line of thought, but ultimately even by saying this, if what you are saying is stimulating me, impacts me, makes me pause for a second and think deeply, and so you indirectly might make me believe you (yes, I might be inspired by your strength), this fact will bring some sort of content or relief to you that you convinced me or I accepted your thinking, which will ultimately come from the fact that I got inspired by what you said and had a small “AHA!” moment. The inspirer (you) would feel satisfied, content (it cannot be controlled, believe me!), while the inspiree (me in this example) would put more thought into his/her actions or perceptions of things. See how easy it goes? And you didn’t even want to inspire me!
So why do we need to inspire? Well, it resumes to sharing with others (directly or indirectly) how we feel, who we are, what we think, and exercising an elevating or stimulating influence on their intellect and emotions. It is practically a need to communicate and somehow leave a touch of us, a mark of thought on someone without any further strong arguments/debates needed. Inspiring is convincing silently through words, music, pictures, art, expressions, and so on – it is a state of art, leaving a positive feeling on the other person.

All of us, at one point in our life, we get to inspire others. There is beauty in every person, and there is always another person recognizing that, and thus getting some inspiration from that. It is important that you stay true to yourself, because that is when you most inspire the world around. Your original self is inspiring because it is unique. Being unique as you are, you are a piece of art, so if you ever wanted to be inspirational for others be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to be who you are comfortable to be. The world needs and appreciates authenticity!

People and people interactions through all senses will always be a sources of inspiration. I love letting people surprise me and inspire me. I also like to find inspiration in strangers. But I also like to believe I am inspiring to others in some way. We all need to feel that – just be honest and admit it!

So, on a final note, just be your true self always and let others be inspired by your uniqueness! The moment you want to become something that you are not, your authenticity fades, and your sparkle is gone – you are just a copy-cat with little inspirational value.