Country Chic for the sunny weekend

As finally spring kicked in, this weekend I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, shining sun, the Geneva lake and explore the picturesque villages around.

A friend told me about this beautiful castle by the lake, next to Yverdon-les-Bains, the Grandson castle. So, Sunday was the perfect day to go see it. The castle was beautiful, with great views over the Geneva Lake and the Alps, a museum of vintage cars from the 1900s in the cellar, and a winery as obviously every castle should have. Luckily, we also arrived in Grandson exactly in time for the Carnival – as this is the season of Carnivals in the area, including the North of Italy. It was a very nice street event, a contest of costumes, music and local art. It just made the place seem like part of a book of tales.

Apparently all around the Geneva Lake and Fribourg area in Switzerland, there are a lot of castles overlooking the Alps, very well preserved that give the area a special fairly tale touch, more picturesque than I initially thought.

Below there is also the country style outfit I chose for the day: checkered Zara shirt, leather jacket and shimmer red jeans from Zara, Isabel Marant sneakers, H&M silver chain necklace, Chanel sunglasses and my beloved Prada bag I cannot get enough of.
The cowboy checkered shirt showed up as a trend for SS’14. You can easily match it with skinny or boyfriend jeans, ripped off short jeans and sneakers, Converse shoes or even high heels if you go for the long jeans look. The shirt can be worn by itself or over a casual loosed fit t-shirt, and accessorized with a chain necklace or a funky bandana. Give the country look a chance in a chic way!

And here is a small piece of the beauty of Grandson and the Yverdon-les-Bains area:
photo6 cars
photo2 photo4

Charmed by… Pandora!

I don’t like jewelry at all costs. Fashion wise, yes, I like statement jewelry, and then on a more emotional level, I like jewelry that means something, received on a special occasion from a special person or for a special reason.

Well, let’s rephrase this a bit… I’m not saying I’d wear a set of earrings, necklace and ring with some cherry shape for example, even if it would be a gift from my beloved one to celebrate let’s say one-two years of relationship. If this did happen and I received such a gift, I would still try to understand the reasoning behind/ the story if any/ its meaning and maybe only then associate it with something and think of wearing it. Because, ok, I like cherries, but not at my neck, ears or fingers, only in a bowl, shake or ice cream!:) D&G tried a cherries print once for clothes and underwear, and I found it more of a turn-off. Food should be eaten, not decorate/match my outfits!

Coming back to the point of this post, attention to detail and being truly thoughtful ends up in making the most beautiful gifts. And this is how I discovered Pandora. I find it incredibly nice to have a simple bracelet, and then, to gather around it the best memories in the form of charms, all connecting to something meaningful in my life, or given with love. And then, if you want to make a special gift to yourself, you can also do it and if the budget allows you, there are also little sapphires or rubies variants you can buy :).

My first Pandora bracelet has a story, and I got it from my colleagues at work, before leaving on my assignment in Switzerland, and the first charm from them was meant to bring me good luck on my new adventure. Then I got my second charm, an infinity column shape, from my mother, during a wonderful mother&daughter/girls shopping spree marking our friendship bound. And then a dear one I have from my wonderful friend – almost a sister, Hannah, for Christmas, in the shape of a white reindeer, in the light of our sisterhood. photoThe last one I received was this first of March, from my love, and it marks the beginning of spring, much love and a new beginning for us.

So there you go, I love having memories around my wrist, and I love talking about them. And what’s even nicer – they make me smile when I think of them…and I guess that is what is so special about the Pandora bracelet – the good energy and vibe surrounding it, because the charms you collect were all given with much love and thoughtfulness. If you are looking for a special gift these days for 8th March or a simple surprise, I think the Pandora bracelet/charm is the perfect one to connect it with a small story of why a person means so much to you! It is simply a magical gift I think!

10 advices for a woman…from a man

photoI recently came across an interesting article discussing a writing of the respected Romanian author G. Calinescu (June 19, 1899 – March 12, 1965). It talked about 10 advices that the author gave women, and frankly I found them useful, fun to read, and to consider even to this age for any woman wanting to be strong, respected, but preserve her femininity and finesse. And then they come from a man! Take a look and…maybe, be inspired:)!

1. For a girl, success in life is not subject to study and energy. The purpose of a woman is to be admired and liked; without this there can be no genuine happiness for a woman.
2. You can be a scientist, you can be an artist, but do not forget you’re a woman. Do not crossover into the men’s camp.
3. The point is not to be physically perfect, but expressive. The expression of the face is not the only one that matters. Some women have a distinguishably beautiful face, but a vulgar body. Your knee, your body, your face should always inspire nobility.
4. Don’t strengthen your character to the point that you cannot cry. A woman who cannot cry has lost half her charm.
5. Watch out for the influence that the backward and brutal men can have on fine girls. Do not confuse virility with rudeness.
6. But do not go to the other extreme either trying to seek a scholar. Very often they are primitive and selfish, and their soul is under their intellect. Find a real man.
7. Do not marry a man who says frankly that he does not understand art. He can hide terrible vices.
8. If your husband will be an exceptional man, do not over praise him to others, and do not defend him of gossip. You’ll make him get used to consider himself untouchable.
9 . Do not remotely push away, being a married/committed woman, the man that you respect/look up to and that loves you truly. You can shadow an existence this way. A delicate friendship is not adultery.
10 . Having children do not become blatantly just a mother. Even with children, be eternally childlike.

The Nude Oscars – fashionwise of course :)

We all know the Academy Awards a.k.a. Oscars night is not only a ceremony where the best movie productions and actors of the year are prized, it is also for us, women, a chance to look at a spectacular catwalk of the most glamorous dresses, the night when the high-couture fashion designers put up their best show.

As everyone is in the fever of commenting the event, well…it got to me too, because I noticed this very nice trend in the outfits worn: the NUDE. What I love about the Nude is the fact that behind its faded nature and transparency lies simplicity at its best, and then playing with cuts, forms and embellishments becomes an interesting game in which at the central lies the architecture of the dress, and the natural beauty of the woman wearing it. It takes personality and good fashion sense to make nude noticeable. I guess, this is what I like about it. NUDE must be worn with ATTITUDE!

Below are the nude dresses from the event, some rather too much, some wonderful, my personal favorite being Angelina Jolie’s. Even though, many critics commented that it is too much of a cover-up, and rather of an old look, I believe Elie Saab let Angelina’s personality shine with class and simplicity. I personally love the dress!



And speaking of nude, here’s my favorite nude dress, made of lace, pencil cut, designed by M. Marquise (a talented young Romanian designer – check her facebook page here: – I accessorized it with a pair of Steve Madden black pumps and a Roberto Cavalli oversized clutch: