Having a moment with…over-the-knee boots

The over-the-knee (or knee-high) boots are top of my list this period. I wear them with skirts, shorts or jeans for a more casual look. However, they seem to be the perfect transition from winter to spring, especially if you want to forgo stockings, thanks to the amount of leg coverage they offer up. 

While ultra-tall boots may seem a bit daunting, finding the right height and proportion will guarantee they’re flattering (not to mention a worthwhile investment) and highlight the feminine touch.

I believe they always look better in dark colors such as black, dark brown or grey in order to add up that touch of style. Whenever I wear them, I feel sexy, feminine and comfy with these boots. The heel doesn’t have to be more than 10cm to make your legs look beautiful. Also, a too high heel with these boots can look slightly unflattering.

So get some, they are a good investment for sure (also for the upcoming autumn season), and we probably have only one more month left to wear them with no stockings before the heat comes around and we say bye-bye to boots for a few months. I took advantage last weekend of them for a weekend walk in a small city in Switzerland, Lucerne. I was wearing my black suede Steve Madden over-the-knee boots with zipper back.
2014-03-29 21.31.36

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