I’ve got a feeling…of insecurity!

2014-04-08 10.55.40Have you ever noticed that one hundred people can pay you a compliment and you’ll brush them all aside, but then, when just one single person says something a bit mean to you, your entire world collapses?

For a short while I thought I was the only one this happened to. I was convinced that my tendency to lament over negative comments for way too long was due to my hypersensitive nature. But then I realized I wasn’t the only one. Most people are like this.

Unfortunately, in general life too, most of us will actively, unconsciously, place far more emphasis on the negative than the positive. We’ll let positively skewed stuff slide right off our shoulders and soak up the ‘bad’ stuff like a sponge.

This whole, ‘Let’s let the negative vibes get to us’ is part of the reason people put themselves under go plastic surgery. It’s part of the reason people go to the gym. It’s part of the reason people self-harm or end up being bulimic or anorexic. It fuels us in ways we can’t even begin to understand. And mostly towards the wrong direction, because we let these negatives shaken our self confidence and belief in ourselves.

Why is it that one negative ‘vibe’ can completely ruin your day, but one hundred positive ‘vibes’ will go unnoticed?

I believe a lot has to do with the fact that we are all just a little bit insecure. So when someone criticizes us, or condemns us, or tells us that we’re not good enough, we’re reaffirming what we deep down already believe to be true. Of course, if you’re naturally someone who’s very confident, then negative comments won’t have as much of an affect. But considering our marketing consumer social world is designed to make you feel insecure, to feel inadequate, to feel destitute and quietly desperate so that you’re pulled to need and to desire – to feel discontent, restless, incomplete – it’s easy to see why the majority of us are so sensitive to criticism.

Modern society thrives on your insecurities. That’s how it is able to exploit you. Your insecurities fuel the current system. Without them, it’d probably take a massive blow, or perhaps even collapse. It’s pretty safe to assume that the default ‘modern man’ is insecure. If someone is reinforcing these insecurities, as a general rule, we’re likely to believe him.

Yup, we are weird, as we like to pride ourselves we are rational beings, but to the core, deep down, we are truly emotional beings and tend to be insecure. But, with a bit of courage, belief in ourselves, we can fight that, and enjoy all that is positive in our life, leaving the small negative things aside, ignoring them, as we know better we are lucky with all the good things we already have. Look at life from a positive perspective and don’t let your insecurity shadow your living. Take criticism as a learning point to improve who you are, but don’t let it shatter your self-confidence, don’t let it define you!

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