Don’t break yourself from truly living!


Never ignore the things you can’t cut off. Especially when it comes to your heart, your feelings, and your thoughts. At times urges or emotions can be annoying, but trust that they’re there to better you, not to irritate you.

Don’t dismiss your gut feelings, allow your intelligence to support your intuition. Avoiding the truth may seem like the safe option, but it’s actually the option you choose when you want to meet disappointment at a later stage. When you have that feeling you just can’t ignore, listen to it. Act upon it, do it! You will just feel more alive!

It could be nothing or it could be the answer to some important unanswered questions. If you don’t trust your intuition you’ll never be able to feel like you are truly living, neither you will be able to learn to listen to your heart properly. Seek the truth only if you’re prepared to accept what you find. When you notice yourself ignoring facts just to save a situation, you’ve just volunteered to get played by life.

We often regret deeper the things we haven’t done than things we have done. Not knowing or missing out on the opportunity to experiment something is eventually wasted living. You should not be afraid of mistakes, because they develop you, they teach you about living and more importantly they define you. If you play on the safe field, you may just as well stagnate or at least have a dull existence which might turn against you at an older age when frustration kicks in for all the things you haven’t lived because you were too occupied with sitting calmly in the comfort zone.

It’s a pity to be young and keep making excuses for situations. Use the mistakes or pain for your progress, the tears for your triumph, and the struggle for your success. Live life to the fullest, on the edge: don’t ignore small urges you have that are so obvious, you feel them for a reason. Don’t break yourself from truly living!

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