The LOVE for Denim shorts… my usual summer fling!

Yesterday I was reorganizing my closet and I noticed that I have over 15 pairs of denim shorts in blue, black, white, green, orange, purple… and honestly, I would still buy more.

The truth is I love denim shorts – especially the classic denim and they can be tight, high waste, low waste, ripped, or with embellishments, I can wear them casually with Converse shoes or flat sandals or at night with a pair of pumps or high heeled sandals or even at the beach with flip flops and a loose tee. Yes, I am officially hooked for years and the thing is denim shorts never go out of style, so you could nicely call them collectibles because they can make me feel comfi, sexy, stylish, and I can combine them with loose tees, bustiers, shirts…practically anything. They are my go to option (ironically inspired every time) when I actually lack inspiration in front of my wardrobe 🙂

Here are some variations and occasions of my use of short denim:








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