How about you go for some real no strings attached this summer?

GirlsGirls, how about if this summer instead of looking for Mr. Perfect, you actually accept the challenge of reversing the roles with men? How about going through this summer, like guys do, without any strings attached, without putting any feelings in flings (none at all), without building expectations on what seems to be a hook-up that leads somewhere?

I believe you owe it to yourself, especially in the 20s, to develop the capability of actually just enjoying your time, your summer, have fun, focus on what you love to do and leave romantic feelings out of the equation. Yes, you will meet guys; yes, they will be suntanned, hot, but how about you train yourself not to be impressed about all of that, and focus on just having fun, at present tense.

You cannot deny the fact that as a woman, you have a tendency of getting mushy or at least expecting some attention post-hook-up from a guy you hit it off with the night/the day before. We all do it. Don’t deny that this is what happens, that thoughts like “Maybe I wasn’t good enough/ pretty enough/ fun enough” haven’t crossed your mind at least once after a hook-up? And then every failed hook-up (from the perspective you are seeing it which is not a one-time thing, but secretly hoping for more) hits your weak point of being lonely and you find yourself crying into the arms of your best friend saying “Why can’t I find a boyfriend!? Will I ever settle down and be loved and find a good relationship and get married?” and so on. This is common woman/girl thinking in the 20s, and don’t deny it. But what you don’t realize is we are 20-something, worrying about the problems of a 30-something.

Sometimes indifference for where the future exactly takes you or who will be by your side then, helps you become a more self-confident self. In the 20s it is normal to practically be in the process of still identifying what you love, knowing yourself, trying things and experimenting (honestly we are still baby at life-experience in the 20s), while your mid-30s should be about spreading that love to the “targets” you learned are making you happy. Then why not having the time of your life in the meantime and experimenting as much as possible?

So how about taking the CHALLENGE this summer to be about yourself, to be thinking more like a guy and for a change be the one just wanting flings, no strings attached experiences, be the one leaving in the middle of the night, or not calling back… or simply record the event as a night-one-stand, one time fun. How about you are the one who is not sure about settling down, calling it a “relationship” or giving up “monogamy” for someone? How about you try for once to feel so good in your skin and love yourself and your independency so much that you will reserve summertime for good time, and discovering yourself, while the guy that would be able to break that this summer better bring the moon or the sun to you!

What do you think? ARE YOU IN for the challenge? 🙂