I developed a small passion for lace this season, be it short tees, skirts, dresses or cover-ups. There is something about white, cream or black lace that makes me feel both gentle and sexy. I feel feminine and I feel attractive. I simply love it!

Moreover, lace can be both casual and elegant. It is very versatile. However, you have to be careful with the pattern in lace and how stretchy or short it is not to fall into vulgar.

However, as it is beach season, I decided to focus on how nicely a beach outfit can be if you put a touch of lace. One of my favorite beach cover-ups is a white lace one from Victoria’s Secret below. It goes with every swimsuit I have and it reveals just the right amount of skin:
photi lace

You can find a lot of cute lace outfits in Zara and Mango today, but also online on And it goes from shorts, blouses, dresses to playsuits (that I personally love).

I also recently bought this white lace skirt below from PNK Casual and it shortly became one of my favorite items this season (you can find it here: )
photo (2)

Moreover, the stores are full of chic lace dresses that you can casually wear with flats on a hot summer day or with a pair of high heels and statement jewelry for an evening out.

So why not embrace your femininity and be both delicate and sexy with a touch of lace this summer!

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