Floral prints for summer getaways

Fashion’s ongoing love affair with floral prints continues for Summer 2014 with a myriad of designers offering up their take on the iconic pattern.

I love the femininity of floral prints, be it on dresses, smart suits, slinky gowns, and retro jumpsuits. Last year, it was all about delicate pastels. This time around, it is more vibrant blooms that make up the trend, or a mismatch of patterns like Stella McCartney’s mixed prints. The floral print can be a strong statement on its own, so it would be advisable to keep hairstyles simple and makeup almost non-existent; then just add a pair of sandals. If you’re not ready for the jungle yet, go in gently with floral shorts maybe or a skirt and temper it with a mono-color t-shirt or top. However, be bold! There’s nothing to lose and your outfit will bring a touch of happiness around!

Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of the sun. Maybe this is why the floral trend keeps on being reinterpreted every summer and it just won’t go away.

Here’s three of my favorite floral dresses that I believe go perfectly with summer days and nights, and the romantic atmosphere of South of France.



So why not embrace your inner lady with some floral prints? 🙂


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