Summer is over? Work Out mode still ON! Here’s why…

photo 3Summer may be over, but that does not mean that we should lay low on the sport, get comfy and built on small body fat. Exercising is way more that just keeping yourself fit. It is more about the “mind fitness” than you think and making it regularly will help you keep a positive mood in the rainy cloudy grey days to come.

Below, I put down a small list of why working out is so important, besides the obvious result of a better shaped body.

1. Improves self-confidence
Regular workouts and the physical practice of yoga develop strength of body, mind and spirit. Additionally, reflection while running for example and meditation or breathing techniques developed in yoga or any other sport activity help clear your mind and sometimes establish certainty about your inherent value.

2. Keeps energy levels high
A sweaty, strong workout releases feel-good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins naturally boost vitality and mood and induce relaxation so you can remain engaged and calm. These chemicals can also help keep spirits high.

3. Enhances focus
Working out, practicing yoga or pillates, learning to breathe properly and meditating can all help strengthen concentration. Scheduling regular meditation and sweat sessions builds tenacity so that you can stay more focused.

4. Develops self-awareness
Knowing yourself enables you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Yoga, in particular, is geared toward self-study. Any sport usually helps you understand your limits but also push them. It can be motivating and can help you learn how to push yourself and never give up to reach your goals. Training your mind in sports can reverberate on other areas of your life once you learn “never giving-up” thinking and motivation.

5. Builds endurance
There’s nothing like stamina—both literal and figurative—to win a race. Physical challenges, like exercise, help build emotional endurance and mental toughness. You’ve got to stay in it to win it, and you must be able to endure also the hardship in life. Conquering physical challenges will help you realize that you’re able to overcome any obstacle.

6. Provides structure
Lack of structure in day-to-day life can be a major source of stress. Waking up late, not knowing what to do with your time are all productivity setbacks. Establish a routine by beginning each day with exercise.

7. Establishes hormonal balance
Being healthy and fit helps to stave off stress-induced hormonal fluctuations, which can manifest as depression, anxiety or weight gain. The moment we get stressed, our brains and bodies produce cortisol and adrenaline. In the right amounts, these hormones are essential for well-being. However when overproduced, they can be counter-productive—causing slow digestion, unnecessary hunger and unhealthy behaviors around food. Exercise can help keep “fight or flight” hormones in check so that you can productively run your life and activities.

8. Fosters commitment
Being healthy and fit requires consistency, discipline and loyalty to yourself—all of which are qualities that suggest you will be a committed member of any team: family, work, friends. I rest my case!

9. Improves decision making
The inability to make your mind up can be extremely stressful, especially when it comes to big decisions in life. Focused exercise can help establish clarity of mind when confronted with decision-making paralysis. When you don’t know what to do, try exercising or running outdoors. Chatter of the mind clouds thinking and must be quieted before you can draw thoughtful conclusions. When you operate from a place of clarity, you will make stronger decisions and have a better sense of the action steps necessary to go after the right opportunities.

10. Builds creativity
Even just a simple walk can stimulate our creativity centers, so imagine the effect of a real work-out. “Evrika moments” do wonders to alleviate stress and give us new insights into how to pursue any dilemma or activities in life.

I hope the above points shed a light of motivation to keep working-out beyond the end of summer. I know they work on me. Enjoy a healthy body & mind Autumn! 🙂

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