There are 6 billion souls in the world…and all we need is ONE to feel complete…

photo (10)Once there were two lovers that had equal hearts.
One would pursue one,
the other would pursue the other.
Then the angels looked down and said:
“What a waste,” and made them perceive each other.
Their hearts melted into ONE.
They had no use for the outside world
so they leaped into their dream world.
Here, their “one” heart was always restless
and the only place where it had any rest at all was in each other’s arms.
And then, even then and there, one said:
“I wish we’d never stay apart again.”
When they were apart, they yearned for each other.
The angels were stumped.
There’s one thing that God is not able to endure –
a suffering heart, broken in two.
He saw one half on one side of the world and one on the other side.
God knew what to do then,
So He brought them together.
And it was not easy for them to see this blessing
As they stumbled into each other’s egos and fears,
But their ONE heart whispered much love
And their inner bodies slowly understood:
They realized they cannot live apart
They belong to each other, they crazily function,
So they started blessing
Life’s gift together and immersed into much love and understanding.

Ever since, they count the blessings every morning
When opening their eyes and meeting each other’s touch and face.
As now they know they are
Forever blessed together, forever One.


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