What do YOU really and honestly believe in?… Here’s my “what”…

IMG-20131102-WA0020Someone asked me a few weeks ago what I ultimately believe in… it took me a while to honestly articulate and put in words. I took my time to figure it out. I could not voice it clearly. And this is because what I believe in for some may not even seem real, or they may regard it as beautiful bullshittery.

So here goes: I believe in everything that inspires me, that moves me, in life lived with passion and intensity – I believe in these because whatever makes me tick, it is real and fills me with adrenaline for life and living. I believe in both beauty and knowledge about the world and people. What I believe in sometimes disappoints me, but I guess this is to remind me that I constantly have things to learn about the world. I cannot be satisfied with things done or felt half way. I die slowly if I do. I believe in feeling it all, having it all (and this is not material ownership! – I refer to all that puts a smile on my face, gratitude in my heart).

I ultimately believe in everything that gives me wings to fly: be it love, be it a moment, be it the sun in the morning. I do not believe in anything that is common, ordinary, or in simply breathing without meaning…These things do not exist for me!

I realized there is a certain importance to articulate what you believe in, to clarify that for yourself, to understand whether you are on the right track with your actions, your mood, with what you are doing on a daily basis. Because, if you are not aligned with these, you need to change something…and stay true, get closer to what you really believe in. It will positively reflect in your life…And you only have ONE! So you better make the most of it and live it the way you really want! 🙂


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