When “unhappiness” should be a source of inspiration

photoI don’t believe in unhappiness, I believe in evolution. I believe every unfortunate or painful event lived should be regarded as an opportunity to take something good or useful out of it in order to grow and become a better self or develop better reactions to happenings in one’s life. I have been rock bottom several times, I have lived less happily ever after events, but I never saw it useful to stay sad, depressed, lament or be hopeless. I get mad, I let it out and then I stand up, understand my lesson, acknowledge it, gather the broken pieces and move on.

Life more often then not will give you lemons, and this is because as humans we live to always learn and grow. There is no end to it, and one should accept this. You are not born WITH IT…the HAPPINESS or the happy ending. There is no such thing as a happy ending…as when life ends…you actually seize to exist and that is not the point of living. So stop waiting or looking for that happy ending. Embrace the journey, as life is indeed a journey with events that you create by the way you react to what is happening around you.

There is one important thing I have learned and that is we are not in control of the things surrounding us, events, people, and so on (the context so to say of our living), but what we can control is our REACTION to things, people, happenings. Now if we manage to turn around any unfortunate event, and control our reaction to it, we might be happier, enrich our life, and not be easily put down by less fortunate incidents.

Most of us love complaining about how hard it gets sometimes and there are times we are stuck in points of low mood and depression. However, we need to train ourselves to respond differently when it gets tough. “Complaining” is not a verb of movement, so it will not change the things for us in better, it is static. Now a verb like, “move on” implies an action which may lead to moving to a different point of reference and a change in the atmosphere around us. Makes simple sense, right?

In the end, I believe “unhappiness” should be an INSPIRATION for any woman who does not like to victimize herself. The pain is sometimes there to remind you better times are coming that we need to appreciate and the hard times are there to grow, and develop us, shape us into better versions of ourselves. Just sayin’…


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