My BASICS of style

There are some key starting points that every woman should take into consideration when shopping to suit one’s style.


Throughout the years I realized that you must be a smart fashion shopper in order to keep the pace with the fast-fashion trends resulting into changes of collections every month for every brand. It can become overwhelming and you can easily waste a lot of money on many unnecessary items. And honestly, since I live in Switzerland, smart shopping became a must at these high prices! 🙂

Therefore, I believe the below basic simple guidelines should always be considered when shopping for a new season.

The feel good factor
It’s important for you to feel good about what you wear and not just follow trends for the sake of it. Your clothes are really your ‘second skin’ so to speak so it’s important that you feel good in it!

However, you might argue that there are always problem areas of body vs. ‘body type’. Many magazines and books will tell you that you should only shop for clothes which suit your body type i.e. shop appropriately for the pear shape etc. While this is of course true to a certain extent, it’s also important not to get too obsessed by your body shape and the restrictions it may place on you. The same can be said about colors depending on your skin tone. I think the most important thing to pay special attention to is what suits your body shape but not according to the ‘rules’ which govern the different body shapes. Not one of us fits the atypical body shape e.g. of a pear (small waisted, shoulders and bust not as wide as hips and bottom and thighs are quite rounded).

What you need to focus on are some of the ‘problem areas’ of your body and work on ways to address those issues.

The importance of neutral colors and simple/classical in your wardrobe
Trend or accent colors are of course good to have in your wardrobe. However, don’t go overboard with your purchases in this area as trend colors are exactly that….just trends. They are the type of pieces that could quickly go out of fashion or you may simply don’t like them anymore at some point. As a result, makes more sense to have more classic items in neutral colors so that you can mix and match (with your statement colours) most effectively. In this way, you’ll be able to create more outfits.

The importance of accessories! It’s important to remember that accessories can really give a personal or statement touch to an outfit and at the same time, help you to re-create outfits for very different looks. So next time you go shopping look for necklaces, bangles, bags, bracelets, scarves and shoes etc. You’ll be amazed how many different looks can be accomplished with the same items reshuffled!

The above represents just a framework for surfing for your style and shopping efficiently. I believe these three simple rules truly help at the foundation of ones wardrobe every season. Happy Styling for autumn/winter! 🙂


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