Don’t be an ALMOST!

photo (2)There is one word that leaves me with a bitter-sweet after-taste most of the time: the word “ALMOST”. I don’t like it at all and I don’t like how it defines one as a person.

I can’t say I did not fall many times in the temptation of embracing it, as it is the easy way out of a situation, but honestly it is a concept that should not be part of who we ultimately are. “Almost” is sort of a “maybe” that makes one feel slightly better…that AT LEAST (another unfortunate phrase!) he tried, but honestly it really means settling for less. When you use “almost”, you simply did not try enough or you were simply not that good at that thing, bluntly speaking. It’s like fooling yourself you finalized something…an illusion of success, a sort of “Oh well”. And yes, I can’t stand that!

Obviously after an “ALMOST” situation there are two possible scenarios: 1. You try harder, in which case your “almost” experience was a means to succeed in the end. OR 2. You settle for the “almost”…which is sad, and proves why I dislike the concept so much. It’s a smooth giving up.

I saw this video last week that is practically voicing out what I am trying to put in words over here: it’s called “All the way”, by Charles Bukowski. You can view it below:

It is a powerful poem. It made me pause for a second and think exactly of the idea of “almost”. It’s so comfortable to use it or to think in that way. It is like a pat on the shoulder, saying “I did OK”… But “OK” is not accomplishment, it is simply not good enough. And, yes, life may get tough, we may stumble and fall, but settling for “almost” is not what a strong willed person should do, not what a fighter should do. So watch your “ALMOSTs”, deal with them and get to the top…of the world!


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