Not what you say, but what you DO defines you…

photo“What you do defines you”…this is what someone told me a while ago and it keeps coming back in my thoughts over and over again. Maybe because it was like a wake-up call or maybe just because it is a simple truth that we like to ignore. We may say we believe in this and that, but at the end of the day what we do or how we act proves what we stand for in reality. What we say we are is just a cover-up if it is not backed up by actions.

We live in a world where we learned to communicate very well who we want to be (through Facebook, Instagram, verbally, and so on). We have learned HOW exactly to communicate what we stand for, what we represent, what we believe in so that it creates the best positive feedback in reference to the outside world. We have learned to bend impressions and the truth about ourselves. And yes, you may say you don’t care about the others, the outside world, but deep down, more often than not, you actually do. We are social beings by nature, so yes we all care, to different extents and in different levels which is true, but we all do care. Now the reality is the following: what we can’t control is WHO WE REALLY ARE when we actually DO things, ACT on what we say or don’t say, and that is WHAT ultimately DEFINES us as characters or people.

I think this is exactly that kind of truth no one wants to hear, because we like to believe certain things about ourselves which build up to our self-confidence or to our wanna-be personality, but sometimes we are not bold enough to make those beliefs actual reality and facts about ourselves. We may think or say we are courageous, fair, honest, hard working, optimist, good, generous, and so on, but when we need to exactly act upon these, we often fail. Think about all those things that you think characterize you and then think about all those situations when you proved to be the exact opposite. Of course, we all have excuses for those situations, but deep inside we know better we sometimes fail to be who we believe we are or at least who we want to be or pose to be.

It just takes a bit of honestly to one self and then some courage. Of course, both of these are not easily attainable, however, we do owe it to ourselves to be both true and also courageous enough to change so that our words and impressions match our actions. Being honest to one self is one of the most difficult things to do, but once done, it feels liberating. Because after you admit who you really are (with good and bad), from that point you can start building on the actions and reactions who can shape you in who you want to be. And then, all you need to do is stay true to that… A challenge probably, but in this world and era, I think we owe it to our true nature to be more genuine.


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