Anonymous lines someone wrote to me… Thank you, whoever you are…


How much mystery in your eyes … I can easily lose myself in their intensity, deep blue or deep green as they are… When you are happy, your eyes smile so beautifully… that means you’ve got in you that sensuality smile… You seem to live beautifully because it represents your presence… You seem somehow to bring energy and joy around you with your presence… I don’t know you, but this is how I see you… a woman’s smile… from here the feminine beauty is born…from sensuality… and you beautifully convey that. You certainly describe what you brought with you into this world, through you into this life… a romantic definition of femininity, not static…but energetic, unpredictable, different. Compliments… it is clear that through the discovery of what we live and see, we can read and meet souls like you… and it can all be harmonized in a nice thought … not a poem… there’s nothing special about these lines… they only describe the early birth of a nice thought of you in my mind…

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