What we design, designs us back…


This phrase just kept on being on my mind for a while, so I guess I wanted to share these thoughts…It’s just a simple truth that we usually ignore or at least we do not acknowledge.

Think about it for a second… in reference:

1. To our Love life: what we say, do, how we act later has impact on what we receive from the other person. It’s a simple boomerang effect. Words, not only actions, have powerful meanings that leave marks and that come to haunt us back when we least expect. Isn’t that true?

2. To Technology created in the world in general: we created Facebook, Twitter, iPhones that now shape our personality somehow, the way we communicate to each other, who we want to pose to be or actually be. We are trapped by our own creations and now they influence our life back.

3. To Nature: the way we treat the environment we live in, comes to reflect on us with different effects. Global warming for example just to name one, pollution is another and so on. How we design our existence…has a direct impact on the natural beauties around us and in time that shoots back to what we thought was the right thing to do when compromising on the natural aspect for a comfier living. This is happening as we speak…and it will happen more and more hundreds of years ahead until we drag all the energy from this Planet. Unless we change perspective and the way we do things which is highly unlikely… until we are not confronted with a crisis situation that will have a direct effect on our survival mode. We are selfish beings as humans…

4. To our Body: the way we design our eating habits will be reflected on our health and looks. It is as simple as that. And from that…our life is designed forward. As there is a difference between how you live and act when you are healthy and confident, compared to when you are weak or drained out physically from all the toxins you eat and drink. The way we chose to feed our body…eventually designs our life for the long term. So, I suggest this is something that everyone takes seriously. We age as beings…so a healthy mind and body is directly linked to our survival mode. Now, how we want to make our survival in this world, is also linked to that, as what we eat is connected to our mind’s well-being too. So…I guess, all I can say, when you feel depressed and sad and hopeless, try to think among others whether what you eat and drink is not staying in the way of gathering strength and hope to fight any problem in this life. And I honestly speak from experience.

I guess I could go on and on with this list as I find this line powerful and applicable to a lot of aspects in this world: What we design, designs us back…I think it is a nice reflection. I hope you agree to some extent.