The Best and the Beautiful never come easy! Don’t comfort with this on a sad acceptance mode, embrace it, look up and put that positive twist to it!

12735653_10156602116215624_1786550971_nI really like listening to people, to what they say, because sometimes the wisest or most motivating words you hear come from people and contexts you least expect. We all have a hidden sense of innate wisdom. The more we grow and develop, the more it surfaces.

So talking about the best things in life and the most beautiful ones never coming easy or falling from the sky… this I just heard today, from my gym instructor trying to motivate me into doing my 5th series of weights and squats combined… well, truth be told, it worked big time, because I immediately realized (under some extent of physical pain) that what he just had said touched upon way deeper thoughts that were hunting me for the past weeks than just a beach body. It touched me where I most needed motivation: personal and professional life, and actually life in general.

Let’s say I have been deeply challenged for the past 3 years personally and professionally, and things have happened that have shaped me differently, developed me, made me sometimes less of dreamer, more of a fighter, saddened me, disappointed me or gave me wings. However, all the beautiful things I lived came with a sort of trial period before when it was tough, when sometimes, I was close to cracking, very close… I just never let myself crack… no matter what because I know better things come along. I just know, and they do come.

Tonight, it seemed like this guy put a label on what started tormenting me weeks ago and maybe to be honest, what was slowly eroding my ultimate optimism. I realized that starting from as early as making the first baby steps (which require some really heavy motivation and effort from an early age), going to getting a good education&development, following a real passion (arts, music, sports or so on) that requires great sacrifices by the way (and I have seen my friends doing it), then moving on to being with the right person in life, and maintaining a healthy and happy relationship (sometimes from abroad or distance, sometimes tried by deception or other happenings), or getting that perfect body (I currently feel the pain – believe me!), and reaching to growing in your career (that comes with the good and less pleasant parts) or having the strength to recover from a disease only to enjoy life again… all of these great things never ever come easy. There are million examples from each of our lives. Whatever comes easy, is not actually that very best or beautiful anyways. Think about it. It is usually just “nice to have” or “ok” (and I just do not like this “ok” word…makes me think of mediocrity always!).

And this is the natural course of life… going through an effort to recognize and gain the best. This is who we are. It’s written in our genes, which means we are natural fighters, and giving up or being demotivated is against our nature. Therefore, complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves is not who we genuinely are nor does it make things easier.

I am not saying this so that we settle for acceptance (I do not agree with this rational plain view), I am saying this to underline that the power to get to those best and beautiful things lies in each of us and it comes natural with life and having the best.

Remember this next time you think you are so very close to giving up on what you truly want and desire. You genuinely have it in you to get it. Remember, it is written in your genes. Just look closer in yourself, let it resurface! Look up, fight on and do it with a smile on your face!

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